frank reynolds

Frank Reynolds in The Nightman Cometh

Frank Reynolds (Danny Devito) is a character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the season four finale, Frank stars in The Nightman Cometh, a rock opera written by Charlie. He plays the Troll, who controls and torments the boy. When the Nightman comes to take the boy’s soul, the Troll sings about how he has to pay the toll. When the boy becomes the Dayman, the Troll is defeated. Use scissors to achieve the tattered appearance of the robe.

Man Cheetah

Man Cheetah is one of the many alter egos of Frank Reynolds (Danny DeVito) in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. His other alter egos include Doctor Mantis Tobaggan, Ongo Gablogian, the Trash Man, and Man Spider. Use the black face paint to draw the nose and freckles.

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