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Cosmo from Cucumber Quest

Cosmo is a talented inventor from the Space Kingdom in the webcomic Cucumber Quest.  They help Cucumber and Almond occasionally throughout their quest.  Cosmo has black hair and grey skin with pink freckles, which you can recreate with body paint and an eyeliner pen.  They also have a pair of grey rabbit-like ears.  Their clothes consist of a light purple shirt and black leggings under dark blue star-and-planet-themed shortalls.  You can add the cosmic design with some fabric paint yourself.  Accessorize with pink gloves, blue polarized glasses, and some star pins; a black one at your throat and two silver ones on the straps of your overall shorts.

Almond from Cucumber Quest

Almond is the younger sister of Cucumber in the webcomic series Cucumber Quest. Confident and strong, her skills with a sword make her the best fighter in her party.  Almond has long brown hair she wears in braided pigtails, with pink flowers secured at the top.  She also wears a brown dress with puffy sleeves and dark brown tights.  To recreate her look, seek out historical-looking dresses with cuts that harken back to Renaissance and Victorian silhouettes.  Don’t forget her long bunny ears and trusted sword to complete the look!

cucumber from cucumber quest

Cucumber from Cucumber Quest

Cucumber (or Cuco) is the main protagonist of the webcomic Cucumber Quest and the older brother of Almond.  Cuco and his sister are anthropomorphic rabbits from Dreamside who set out on a quest to save the world from the Nightmare Knight.  Cuco has short ginger hair and rabbit ears, he wears an outfit consisting of a green sweater, pants, shoes, and backpack.  Finding an exact replica of Cuco’s sweater could prove difficult, but layering a darker sweater over a lighter green turtleneck can evoke a similar look.  Rather than wield a sword like his sister, Cuco prefers to use magic with the Disaster Stone Wand.

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