Griffin Burns

Shalnark Ryuseih from Hunter x Hunter

Shalnark (voiced in Japanese by Noriko Hidaka and in English by Griffin Burns) is one of the members of the main group of antagonists of the York New arc of the Hunter x Hunter series.

He is one of the initial founding members of the Phantom Troupe, having known Chrollo since they were both very young, with the majority of the members all growing up together in Meteor City. Shalnark’s nen specialty is Manipulation, and he uses a modified cell phone in order to control people like puppets, which also extends to himself, using his autopilot mode to turn him into an extremely powerful fighting force.

His color palette is significantly different in the 1999 adaptation, but in the 2011 version of the anime, he has a much lighter pastel appearance. His hair is a short cut blonde with a slight green wash to it, and his eyes are a mid-toned green. He wears a matching two-piece outfit, with the sleeveless top a light lavender color, with a black under layer, and different shades of teal as the cuffs and waistband, with small white details. The pants are the same lavender shade, and are cuffed just above the ankles, revealing slip on shoes that match the teal detailing on the top.

Akira Fudo from Devilman Crybaby

Akira Fudo (voiced by Koki Uchiyama in Japanese, and Griffin Burns in English) is one of the central main characters of the Netflix adaption of Devilman Crybaby, along with Ryo Asuka.

He starts the series off in a completely different form than this one, originally quite small and meek, but it’s this taller and more brazen form that he spends most of the series in, after going with Ryo to a club that leads to quite a transformative experience.

In this form, Akira has noticeably sharper features, his hair is darker and way more spikey and messy, and his eyes look like they’re constantly lined.
He typically wears a grey or black shirt, usually with a black zip up bikers jacket over top, black skinny jeans, and blue shoes with lighter blue laces.

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