Hiroaki Hirata

Keith Kazama Flick from B the Beginning

Keith (voiced in Japanese by Hiroaki Hirata and in English by Ray Chase) is one of the main characters in the Netflix original anime series, B the Beginning.

He is a genius detective that came out of retirement to work with the R.I.S. in their efforts to catch the serial killer known as ‘Killer B’, which launches him into a much deeper investigation involving the case that made him quit in the first place.

Keith has dark teal eyes with a long thin scar underneath his right one, and he wears thin framed glasses. His hair is blackish-brown and worn in a short, shaggy cut, and his beard and mustache are much the same. The outfit he’s usually seen in is a loose-fitting off-white button up shirt, with a matching set of dark grey suit jacket and slacks, with a simple brown belt. It’s finished off with dark brown shoes, which he wears seemingly without socks.

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