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Misumi Nagisa from Futari wa Pretty Cure

Misumi Nagisa (voiced by Lara Cody in the American dub) is a high school student and lacrosse player in the anime series Futari wa Pretty Cure.  Nagisa gains the power to turn into the Black Cure, a warrior who fights alongside Yukishiro Honoka‘s alter ego the White Cure.  The Verone Academy’s uniform is very straightforward; pair the outfit with a messy ginger wig to transform into Nagisa.  If you want to emulate her Black Cure look, you might have to decide how much effort you’re willing to put in to get closer to her appearance on the show.  To start, you can deconstruct a purple mess shirt by cutting the arms and midriff off so you can layer it under a black short-sleeved crop top.  Then, don a pink belt over a black ruffled tulip skort and pull on black arm and leg warmers.  You can hot glue a white bow to the front of your shirt and use iron-on heart patches to add details to the costume.  Lastly, if you’re up for a little extra DIY, you can cut and glue ruffled organza lace to add the finishing touch to her look.

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