Sin from Living Dead Dolls

Sin is one of the dolls in the first series of Living Dead Dolls, and very similar in appearance to the main mascot doll, Sadie.

She has long black hair with little devil horns peeking out of the top of her head, red lipstick, and white eyes bordered in a red sclera. Her dress is also a Wednesday Addams style dress, but in bright red instead of black, and she also wears white cuffed socks with black t-strap Mary Janes. To tie together the rest of the devil look, she also has a thin tail, as well as a pitchfork.

Lou Sapphire from Living Dead Dolls

Lou Sapphire is from the second series of Living Dead Dolls. His name is a play on Lucifer, if you say it quickly.

He has wide, grey-shadowed, black, red, and white mixed colored eyes, short black hair worn in an intense widows peak, with little devil horns peaking out of the top. He wears a red silk button-up shirt with a black tie, a black suit jacket and matching pants, with a red silk pocket handkerchief, black and red shoes, a red devil tail, red gem ring, and a skull staff.

Deadbra Ann from Living Dead Dolls

Deadbra Ann is from the second series of Living Dead Dolls, and has several motif references both in appearance and in her backstory from various Stephen King novels — most notably prom queen Carrie. She is also the first doll in the series to have a face wound.

She has extremely vibrant blue eyes, done up with prom makeup and purple bruising, her mouth is ripped to the side, extending up to the rest of her face, and her hair is a mixed color copper bob. Ann wears a red frilly, lacy, sleeveless prom dress, her nails are painted black, and she has a white silk sash that says Danse Macabre. Her accessories are a white rose bouquet splattered with blood, and an ornate gold crown.

Sheena from Living Dead Dolls

Sheena is part of the third series of Living Dead Dolls, and is based of the song ‘Sheena is a Punk Rocker’, made by the Ramones and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She’s also the first doll in the series to have any piercings.

Her hair is dark and closely shaved at the back, with vibrant red middle parted bangs, and her eyes are red sclera with a bright yellow center. She has thick eye makeup, black lipstick, and a silver lip ring, with a matching silver ballchain necklace. The rest of her outfit consists of a black leather jacket over a white shirt, a red leather skirt, black ripped fishnets, black chunky boots with red laces, and she comes with an accessory of a bloody nailbat.

Bride of Valentine from Living Dead Dolls

The Bride is part of the third series of Living Dead Dolls, and is inspired off of the tale of Frankenstein.

She has long black hair with white streaks striped throughout it, mottled shadows around her mismatched blue and black eyes, red lipstick, and facial wounds. Her dress is an off-white strappy dress with blood stains down the torso, her arms and legs are wrapped with bandages, and she wears chunky black lace-up boots. The accessory that she comes with is a realistic looking bloody human heart.

steve raglan from fnaf movie

Steve Raglan from Five Nights at Freddy’s (2023)

Steve Raglan (played by Matthew Lillard) is a career counselor who helps Mike Schmidt secure a job as a security guard in the horror film Five Nights at Freddy’s, based on the video game of the same name.  Steve wears gold wire-framed glasses and has a greying beard.  He wears mostly bland colors (think pale yellows and browns).  While you may not be able to find an exact match for any of his shirts from the film, a yellow and blue striped button-down with a blue Swiss dot tie or a brown plaid shirt with a burgundy and black striped one will do the trick.  Finish your costume with a goatee, which you can apply using spirit gum and grey out a bit with some mascara, and khakis.

Lizzie Borden from Living Dead Dolls

Lizzie is from the second series of Living Dead Dolls, and is the second doll to be based off of a real person (ie, Lizzie Borden). The doll can be found at the Borden house, shown on display.

She has her copper hair worn up in a tight, high bun, with loose curls coming down on to her forehead, black sclera eyes with vibrant bluey-white in the center, and very dark red lipstick. Her dress is older-styled, with large black puff sleeves, a very long skirt, and a red ribbon tied loosely at her neck. As with the known rhyme, she carries a bloodied axe (though Lizzie was found innocent).

Posey from Living Dead Dolls

Posey is from the first run of Living Dead Dolls, and is labeled as a ‘buried alive’ character.

She has extremely long golden-auburn hair worn in a mid-part, fully whited out eyes with blue ringing them and matching lipstick, and a wound over her eye. Her outfit is similar to an old styled nightgown, but weathered in a way that looks like it was saturated in mud. Her doll accessory is a single white rose.

Eggzorcist from Living Dead Dolls

Eggzorcist is part of the first series run of Living Dead Dolls, and the first one to have an animal theme, that being an Easter Bunny.

She has short cut purpley-blue hair, a red x on her forehead, blue lips, and extremely vibrant light blue eyes with red and black makeup surrounding them. Her outfit consists of a full white rabbit onesie complete with a hood with bunny ears, a noose drawstring, and a white Easter basket.

Damien from Living Dead Dolls

Damien is part of the initial run of Living Dead Dolls, and was created as a tribute to Damien from The Omen, while also being the first male doll created for the franchise.

He has short black hair that he wears a grey and black cap over, and his eyes are pure white. His shirt is a white button up, worn with a black tie, and a black button-up coat over top, with matching shorts underneath. It’s wrapped up with white knee high socks and black tied combat boots, and he carries around a slingshot.

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