Howard Wang

Whitley Schnee from RWBY

Whitley (voiced in English by Marina Inoue and in English by Howard Wang) is a secondary character in the online animated series, RWBY.

He is Weiss and Winter’s younger brother, and was initially a bit of an antagonistic character, but has a bit of a change of heart later on and leans more in to helping Weiss and her friends.

Whitley looks just like his sisters in appearance, with icy blue eyes, and pure white hair, though his is worn short and styled. He is usually seen wearing a half-sleeved white shirt, a black tie, a blue vest with a matching pocket square to his tie, dark blue slacks, and black loafers.

Langa Hasegawa from Sk8 the Infinity

Langa (voiced in Japanese by Chiaki Kobayashi and in English by Howard Wang) is one of the main characters in the anime Sk8 the Infinity.

Coming into the story as an exchange student to Japan from Canada, he was originally purely a snowboarder. Reki, who ends up becoming his best friend, helps him get comfortable with skateboarding, and they both get pulled into S, a collection of underground skateboarding races.

Langa has chin length light blue hair, and bright tealy-aqua colored eyes. A lot of his theming is light and blue tones. He wears a black undershirt with a white long sleeved button-up over top, blue jeans, and periwinkle high-tops. When skating he wears blue and black gloves, and his skateboard has a yeti on it.

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