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Roddy St. James from Flushed Away

Roddy St. James (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is post rat who gets flushed down the toilet in the Dreamworks film Flushed Away.  Roddy teams up with Rita Malone to find his way home.  Roddy’s penthouse wardrobe consists of doll clothes.  At the start of his journey, he’s wearing a fancy tuxedo, though he eventually loses the jacket and bow tie.  To apply a rodent nose prosthetic, you’ll need spirit gum or liquid latex, but don’t forget to purchase remover as well to make the process of taking it off more comfortable.

Robert Angier

in the film, The Prestige, Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman), “The Great Danton,” is an aristocratic, 19th century musician who develops a dangerous rivalry with another magician, Alfred Borden. Based on the real-life magician from London, his costumes are typical of what a wealthy man would’ve worn in Victorian England.


Taking inspiration from the Old Man Logan comic series, the film Logan has Hugh Jackman portraying a graying and gritty Wolverine, capping a 17-year run with his final appearance in the role. Logan is scraping a living as a limo driving, hustling medications south of the border for Professor X when a young mutant pleads for his help.


Wolverine is everyone’s favorite Canadian comic book hero, usually portrayed by Hugh Jackman when he’s hugely jacked. He’s the grumpy member of the X-Men, due to the fact that he doesn’t know much more about his past than that his real name is Logan. You’ll have to supply your own adamantium skeleton on this one.

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