In The Incredibles, Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), aka Lucius Best, is a long-time friend of the Parr family and also a superhero. His power is to freeze water on demand, and would probably get along alright with Iceman.

Elsa the Snow Queen

In Frozen, the regal and kind Elsa appears poised but struggles with a deep secret — her ability to create ice and snow. When she accidentally harms her little sister Anna, she begins to isolate herself. As her powers grow and her emotions run high, she unintentionally sets off an eternal winter. Complete your look with this Queen Elsa makeup tutorial.

Ice King

The Ice King “woos” princesses throughout the Land of Ooo by capturing them – his favorite target being Princess Bubblegum. The Ice King was once a human but after acquiring his crown, which also gave him his icy powers, he slowly started to go crazy.

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