Dr. D. Light from It’s Not Me, It’s My Basement

Dr. D. Light is a character from the horror game It’s Not Me, It’s My Basement.  Dr. D. Light tries to help Embry, who has told their friends and neighbors that their parents are very ill.  What he comes to discover, however, is a much darker secret involving a monster in Embry’s basement.  Dr. D. Light’s appearance is based heavily on those of a medieval plague doctor.  The simplest way to recreate his look is to purchase a plague doctor costume set, which will come with a hat, hood, gloves, and a long jacket with a cowl.  Replace the plague mask with a round white mask. With a little paint, some markers, and a dose of creativity, you can alter the mask to look more like the one from the game.  Lastly, use a sun-shaped charm and jewelry cord to make the Doctor’s necklace.