izumi kitta

Painwheel from Skullgirls

Painwheel (voiced by Izumi Kitta and Danielle McRae) is one of the eight original playable characters in the fighting game Skullgirls.  She was kidnapped and eventually transformed into her terrifying form by Valentine and Brain Drain.  Painwheel has brown hair that is mostly pulled back, though two pieces are left free to frame her face.  She also wears a creepy stitched mask with red eyes.  You can choose a full-face or half-face mask that is similar depending on your comfort level.  Painwheel’s clothing mostly consists of a high-neck sleeveless dress with thigh slits on both sides and cuffs around her wrists, ankles, and throat.  You can take a pair of scissors to your preferred dress to cut it to length.  A large part of Painwheel’s transformation is the weapon attached to her back, which resembles a large shuriken or a pinwheel, part of her namesake.  To recreate this aspect, you can purchase a replica oversized shuriken and attach it to your back or take a pair of costume wings and paint them metallic silver.  Lastly, paint your nails and draw dark veins using an eyeliner pencil.  You can also replicate the nails that stick out of her body using wooden golf tees and liquid latex to hold them in place.