jemaine clement

Vladislav from What We Do in the Shadows

Vladislav a main character in What We Do in the Shadows, a horror mockumentary about the lives of four vampires. Known as Vladislav the Poker, he was once a tyrant with incredible powers. Vladislav can turn into a cat, but he never gets the face right. He enjoys chaos and taking selfies. Jemaine Clement plays this role, and wrote and directed the movie alongside Takia Waititi, who plays Viago. This is his outfit from the party fight scene, when the other vampires try to eat their human friend, Stu. To make the jacket pop, use silver puff paint to draw the design along the sides.

Boris the Animal

In Men in Black III, Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) is an intergalactic criminal and the last known member of the Boglodite race. He escapes from LunarMax Prison with the help of Lilly Poison and time-jumps back to 1969 to prevent Agent K from shooting off his arm and landing him in prison. Agent J travels back to the 60s to stop him.

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