jonathan groff

Kristoff in Frozen 2

Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff, who you may know as King George III from Hamilton) is a character in Frozen 2. Rugged and broad shouldered, he works as an ice harvester with his reindeer companion, Sven. In the second movie, Kristoff accompanies the two sisters to the Enchanted Forest. While there, he struggles to propose to Princess Anna. His song, “Lost in the Woods,” express these frustrations. Kristoff helps Anna destroy the dam and save Northuldra. When they reunite with Elsa, he finally proposes, and Anna says yes. This outfit is similar to the first movie, just with a change of color palette to fit the autumn theme. Use hot glue to add fur to the collar, sleeves, and bottom of the t-shirt. You might also want to trim the sash as it looks very long.

King George III from Hamilton

King George III is the main antagonist of the musical Hamilton, opposite Alexander Hamilton. Neurotic and menacing, the monarch threatens the revolution. After the war, he teases the colonies, questioning their ability to lead and mocking John Adams as president. He sings “You’ll Be Back,” “What Comes Next,” and “I Know Him.” Jonathan Groff, who you may recognize as the voice of Kristoff from Frozen, originated the role on Broadway.