Katie Lowes

Candlehead from Wreck-It Ralph

In Wreck-It Ralph, Candlehead (Voiced by Katie Lowes) is the space case among the racers of Sugar Rush. This game within a movie is home to lots of adorable little race car drivers, all of them sugar sweet in costume even if their personalities are a little sour. Candhead, however, is sweet inside and out. She’s the comedian of the group and loves to have a good laugh.

Dressing up as Candlehead takes a little bit of handiwork. A brown beanie, pink felt, and an LED candle can be combined to recreate her hat. After that you just need a pink track jacket, brown shirt, pink skirt, brown leggings, black boots, and pink laces for her outfit. Don’t forget a green wig styled into pigtails to round out the costume!

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