Kengo Kawanishi

Leslie Withers from The Evil Within

Leslie Withers (voiced in Japanese by Kengo Kawanishi and in English by Aaron Landon) is one of the secondary yet key characters in the horror game The Evil Within/Psycho Break.

He is a trauma patient at Beacon Mental Hospital, and is the only person out of the group that gets dragged into STEM that is compatible with Ruvik’s mental transference studies enough to potentially be his new vessel.

Leslie is very pale, possibly due to albinism, and as such has nearly colorless eyes, as well as pale platinum blonde hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. He’s covered in a variety of wounds and skin irritations, some of which could be self-inflicted, or part of the abuse he went through at the hands of the doctors he was in the care of.

The outfit he wears throughout the game is the standard Beacon patient wear, with a greyish white long sleeved straightjacket type shirt that has the Beacon logo on the chest, as well as matching strapped pants. They are both excessively dirty, possibly with a combination of dirt and blood.

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