Kent Williams

Atsuhiro Sako/Mr. Compress from My Hero Academia

Mr. Compress (voiced in Japanese by Tsuguo Mogami and in English by Kent Williams) is part of the League of Villains in the series My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia.

He is very showy and more of an entertainer oriented criminal, much in the way that Gentle is. His quirk is compressing things into small, tealy-blue marbles.

We haven’t seen his full face in the anime yet, so mild spoiler warning, but he’s got upswept brown hair, and light brown eyes. He has a variety of patterned white masks that he wears over a black ski mask that leads all the way down his collar, a burnt orange button up shirt worn with the collar popped, a green bolo tie, a black vest, black pants, white and black high boots, reddish-orange gloves, and a brown top hat with a red band and a very long white-ish feather sticking out of it.

Hatori Sohma from Fruits Basket

Hatori (voiced in Japanese by Kazuyuki Okitsu and in English by Kent Williams) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime/manga Fruits Basket.

He’s part of the mabudachi trio along with Shigure and Ayame, having grown up together since they were kids, and is one of the older members of the family. Out of the cursed zodiac, he is the dragon. Hatori operates as the Sohma family’s personal doctor as it wouldn’t be safe for anyone outside of the family to treat the other members.

Hatori has short black side-parted hair and greyish purple eyes. He generally dresses for work, with a white button up tied with a navy blue tie, a black vest over top, a black belt, dark brown slacks, and black loafers. Sometimes he’ll wear a white labcoat over top of everything.

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