Bobby Hicks from The Florida Project

Bobby Hicks (played by Willem Dafoe, who received an Academy Award nomination for the role) is the manager of the Magic Castle, a gaudy motel in Kissimmee, FL in Sean Baker’s film The Florida Project.  Bobby is not supposed to allow long-term rentals, but offers a place for a handful of people to stay who would otherwise be completely homeless by bending the rules.  He has a soft spot for many of the children who live in the motel, including Moonee.  Bobby’s costume is an easy one to recreate because he dresses simply, opting for durable denim jeans, sensible footwear, and a variety of plain t-shirts throughout most of the movie.

Mr. Calvin Fischoeder

In Bob’s Burgers, Mr. Calvin Fischoeder (voiced by Kevin Kline) is Bob Belcher’s wealthy and eccentric landlord. As his name implies, he runs several shady side businesses as well as owning several properties in town.

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