March Hare

Elliot March from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Elliot (voiced by Tsuguo Mogami) is the March Hare character in the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

He is Blood’s right hand man in the Mafia in Wonderland, and has a lot of temper issues. He also doesn’t like being referred to as a rabbit, despite being the March Hare equivalent of the cast.

Elliot has blueish purple eyes, deep goldenrod orange wavy hair (wig may need to be cut and styled), and tan rabbit ears. His outfit is very layered, with a white undershirt, teal-green spiderwebbed shirt on top, a black jacket with purple accents, black pants, several tan belts crisscrossing everything, wheat stalks poking out of various points of his purple scarf, and golden tan knee-high lace up boots.

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