Michelle Gomez

Morag from The Loud House Movie

Morag (voiced by Michelle Gomez) is the main antagonist of The Loud House Movie.  She is the caretaker of Loud Castle where Angus is the groundskeeper when the Loud family visits.  She does not appreciate their antics, and becomes even more upset when Lincoln becomes Duke of Loch Loud.  Morag wears a blue dress with a white lace neckline, a drab green jacket, fishnets, and burgundy boots.  Her hair is brown with grey streaks and worn in a large bun.  You can style a ponytail wig and use grey hair mascara to create streaks in it.  You can also use a bustle to make your backside appear fuller, as Morag’s does in the movie.

The Master (Missy)

A fellow Time Lord turned rival, the Master is the arch-nemesis of the Doctor on the BBC series Doctor Who. Although the two were friends growing up on their home planet, the Master desired power while the Doctor sought adventure and service. Occasionally the two unite as allies, but always break away as enemies once again. This guide covers the latest incarnation of the Master, nicknamed Missy (Michelle Gomez), encountered primarily by the 12th Doctor. For the hat, buy a plain black one and glue on a few fake flowers and berries.

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