Mikhail (Misha) from The Case Study of Vanitas

Mikhail [Misha] (voice in Japanese by Mikako Komatsu and in English by Bryson Baugus) is one of the main partial antagonists in the latter part of the anime/manga series, The Case Study of Vanitas by Jun Mochizuki.

He is Vanitas’ younger brother, despite not being blood related, and the two of them were test subjects for artificial vampirism at the same time, before being rescued by the Vampire of the Blue Moon.

Misha has short, shaggy white hair, and very light blue eyes. He wears a peacoat styled military-like jacket in blues and blacks, with a black, off-shoulder, capelet worn to one side to slightly hide his metal hand. The jacket is worn over very small black shorts, and he wears diamond patterned gartered socks, over top of fancy detailed grey and blue shoes.

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