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Sugar Rush Sandy from Brawl Stars

Sandy (voiced by Patrick Pedraza) is a legendary brawler in the mobile video game Brawl Stars.  Sandy uses his Super, a sandstorm, and his Gadget, the sleep stimulator, to help guide his team to victory.  Sandy’s Sugar Rush skin was introduced in September of 2020.  To recreate this particular look, you may need to employ some DIY skills.  Use a yellow paint to add details to the shirt and baseball cap, and you can either sew or glue the silicone coasters onto the hat to make the eyes.  If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can use an oil-based silicone paint to make the coasters blue.

Edgar from Brawl Stars

Edgar is an Epic Brawler from the popular mobile video game Brawl Stars. Edgar has an edgy, emo-inspired look that includes a studded belt, fingerless gloves, and a pop of bright red on his shirt. Whatever you do, don’t forget his signature scarf because it’s also used in some of his attacks in the game.

byron from brawl stars

Byron from Brawl Stars

In the mobile video game Brawl Stars, Byron is a Mythic Brawler.  With a distinguished beard and a colorful outfit, Byron may not pack much punch in his attacks, but he can be a valuable member of his team.  If you have the ability (and desire) to grow out a beard to match Byron’s, you may be able to use a white hair coloring spray to recreate his look.  Otherwise, a prosthetic facial hair piece can help you achieve his wizened appearance.

Janana from Papa Louie

Janana from Papa Louie

Janana is one of Papa Louie’s most loyal customers. And, as her name implies, she’s just bananas about, well bananas. But that’s not all Janana likes. She is wild about toppers on her orders. Even more than toppers, though, she is crazy about music. Ever since getting a job at the local record place in high school, Janana has been big in the local music scene. Big enough that she’s now the agent for Scarlett and the Shakers!

Janana has to main looks. They are very similar which makes it easy to switch between the two if you want to. The biggest difference is the color of her coveralls and the addition of a black checkered sweater over her blue coveralls.

Striped coveralls are hard to come across so your best bet is a little bit of DIY. White coveralls and fabric paint make it easy to whip up the exact look you need. With the purple coveralls you will need to tie your black checkered sweater around your waist whereas it can be worn with the blue coveralls. With  both looks you’ll want to wear a yellow shirt under your coveralls, white sneakers with black toes and a yellow laces, a black choker, and square glasses. Both looks also require a blonde wig styled back in a ponytail.

A black belt is visible in the second look though it’s likely worn with both looks and just covered up in the purple outfit. Janana’s legs are also hard to see so we can’t be sure but this is a good looks to wear black leggings with if you want something covering your legs.

amber from brawl stars

Amber from Brawl Stars

Amber (voiced by Leah Arscott) is a legendary brawler from Brawl Stars whose attacks focus on fire.  She can use her Fire Starter gadget to trail fire behind her.  Amber’s costume is extremely fun and colorful and includes a long rainbow colored braid, bright accessories, and a purple top with gold trim.

Marty from Papa Louie

Marty from Papa Louie

Marty is the laid-back guitartist for Scarlett and the Shakers. When he’s not rocking with his band he’s manning the grill at Papa’s Burgeria or enjoying some Atomic Sauce on his favorite Papa Louie creations!

Atomic sauce – or Marty’s signature burger guitar – is a little hard to find. But the rest of his costume is not. A spiky blonde wig and blonde soul patch get you started. From there you need a denim vest and a pair of jeans in the same light denim color. Add in a red and white striped shirt, a grey belt, and black converse and you’re all set!

summer jessie brawl stars character

Summer Jessie from Brawl Stars

Jessie is a character in the mobile video game Brawl Stars. She is a Common Brawler who can be unlocked upon reaching 500 trophies. She has moderate health and damage. For her her attacks, she fires energy orbs that can bounce off enemies. Her Super allows her to build a dog-like turret, Scrappy, that rapidly fires at enemies. Jessie possesses two gadgets: Spark Plug and Recoil Spring. Her summer skin was released in 2018, which has her ready to splash in the water with her swimsuit and inner tube. Jessie’s default skin has her dressed in more practical work clothes.

top hat mortis brawl stars

Top Hat Mortis from Brawl Stars

Mortis is a character in the mobile video game Brawl Stars. He is a Mythic Brawler who attacks with movement. Mortis will dash forward and deal damage to enemies he hits. His health is moderate and his damage is low. His two gadgets are the Survival Shovel and Combo Spinner. This costume features his Top Hat skin, which was added to the game in May 2018, and is free to all players. We also have a costume guide for his Rockabilly skin.

Colt from Brawl Stars

Colt from Brawl Stars

Colt is a character in the mobile video game Brawl Stars. He is a Common Brawler. Players unlock his character as a Trophy Reward upon reaching 60 trophies. His high damage output counteracts his low health. Each attack fires six shots at a surprisingly long range. His Super doubles that amount of shots and can destroy obstacles in his way. His Gadget is Speedloader which instantly reloads two more ammos in his ammunition bar. His first Star Power increases his speed and his second star power increases bullet range and speed.

Coach Dynamike from Brawl Stars

Coach Dynamike from Brawl Stars

Dynamike is a character in the mobile video game Brawl Stars. When players reach 2000 trophies, they can unlock Dynamike. His attack involves throwing sticks of dynamite. His Gadget is the Fidget Spinner which allows him to spin rapidly and fire sticks of dynamite, prompting a speed boost. This costume guide features his Coach skin released in February 2020, compared to default Dynamike, where he lobs soccer balls instead of bombs as a gym teacher.

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