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Muriel from The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story

Muriel is a mysterious man and one of the six possible love interests in The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story.  When the Apprentice first meets Muriel, it is impossible to remember him due to a curse, until he provides them with a magical sachet that includes myrrh.  Muriel is a former fighter who is now peaceful and a friend of Asra.  Muriel’s costume includes a bare chest littered with scars and covered by various belts.  Muriel wears a dark traveling cloak with a hood, and several fur pelts as well as studded arm bands and collar.  The Apprentice also gifts him a dark green scarf.

Portia Devorak from The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story

Portia Devorak is the head servant of Nadia Satrinava and the long-lost sister of Julian Devorak in the mobile game The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story.  Portia supports and guides the Apprentice through the castle once they move in.  She has dark red hair pulled back with a headband, as well as a peasant top and purple harem pants.  If you want to add an extra detail to the costume, you can add some gold fabric paint to the neckline and the cuffs of the embroidered white peasant blouse.

asra from the arcana

Asra Alnazar from The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story

Asra Alnazar is a powerful magician from the mobile game The Arcana: A Mystic Romance – Love Story.  Asra is very fond of the Apprentice, as well as being one of their six potential romantic partners.  Asra is also friends with Muriel, as they both grew up together as orphans on the Docks, and a colleague of Julian Devorak, as they worked together to find a cure for the Red Plague.  Asra has white hair and wears a shirt open at the chest.  While traveling, he dons a patterned sleeveless coat as well as a black wide-brimmed hat with a brightly colored feather.  If you can’t find a single feather to fit the bill, consider layering several colorful feathers together.


Jake from Subway Surfers

Jacob Bressler is the protagonist of the mobile game Subway Surfers. Better known by his nickname, Jake, he is the leader of the Subway Surfers, suited to his confidence and charm. His creative spirit is restless, as he’s always dreaming of the next cool thing to do. Jake enjoys street art and inventing new skate tricks that are often a bit dangerous. Use fabric markers or paint to draw the “Sub Surf” logo on the cap.


Spike from Subway Surfers

Spike is a character in the mobile game Subway Surfers. He can be unlocked with 200 Spike’s Guitars tokens. His appearance is based on rock and metal music, complete with leather vest, combat boots, and a red mohawk.


Fresh from Subway Surfers

Fresh is a character in the mobile game Subway Surfers. Intelligent and perceptive, he’s a deep thinker prone to cynicism, as communicated through his song lyrics. Fresh loves all things 80s, as indicated by his huge boombox that’s always playing music. Above all, he’s the glue that holds the Surfers together.

butter pretzel cookie from cookie run

Butter Pretzel Cookie from Cookie Run

Butter Pretzel Cookie is a playable character in the mobile game series Cookie Run.  Butter Pretzel Cookie collects paints and creates a masterpiece in order to earn points.  She wears a brown smock and a pretzel-shaped cap as part of her costume, and has long blonde hair.  To recreate the appearance of Butter Pretzel Cookie, you’ll want to let your creative side out.  It’s almost impossible to find a pretzel-shaped hat like hers, but a brown newsboy cap can evoke a similar feel.

moonlight cookie from cookie run

Moonlight Cookie from Cookie Run

Moonlight Cookie is a character in the mobile game series Cookie Run.  Though playable in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, she only makes appearances in Cookie Run: Kingdom where she is an unreleased cookie.  Moonlight Cookie has a deep blue appearance.  From her hair to her dress and hat, shades of midnight blue and sparkles play a large role in her appearance.  You can achieve a similar look with a long blue wig and some glitter hairspray.  Similarly, you can layer a glitter tulle skirt over a satin ballgown to emulate her evening-inspired appearance.

vinnie from sift heads

Vinnie from Sift Heads

Vinnie is the legendary assassin and bounty hunter at the heart of the Sift Heads game series.  Vinnie’s life of violence began early after his father was killed, and later, while still in diapers, Vinnie assassinated his first target when his cat destroyed a beloved stuffed animal.  In the game, Vinnie is designed as a shadow-like humanoid figure, often seen wearing silver sunglasses and smoking a cigarette.  Though you may have to give up some of your ability to eat and drink to achieve his look, a hooded zentai suit makes recreating this shadowy figure fairly simple.

kingpin from marvel puzzle quest

Kingpin from Marvel Puzzle Quest

Wilson Fisk, better known by his villain moniker Kingpin, has gone through many different iterations on both page and screen.  In the Marvel Puzzle Quest video game, Kingpin is the premier crime lord in New York City.  He has been the leader of both the Maggia and the Hand, and he has no qualms about sacrificing his subordinates if it means gaining the upper hand in a fight.  This version of Kingpin has him wearing a dapper-looking suit with a purple cravat and grey trench coat with matching purple lining.  His cane includes a diamond-like gem on the top.  When choosing a coat, you’ll likely want to focus on either the correct shade of light grey or the lining, as finding both in tandem can be difficult.  Either way, make sure if you aren’t ready to bic your head you take time to get your bald cap right to really pull off the look.

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