nicolas cage

Paul Matthews from Dream Scenario

In the new comedy/horror film Dream Scenario directed by Kristoffer Borgli, Nicolas Cage plays a character named Paul Matthews. Paul’s life is suddenly changed when he begins to appear in millions of strangers dreams. He has to cope and navigate life with his newfound fame and recognition.

Paul Matthews is an average family man. He wears layers like his green puffer jacket with a fur hood, a brown half-zip sweater, and a blue shirt. He pairs this with his glasses, blue denim jeans, and brown boots, creating a layered and recognizable silhouette.

Nicolas Cage from The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Nicolas Cage plays himself in the film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. We follow his character in the film that is a struggling actor with financial issues, until he receives an offer to appear at wealthy fan’s birthday party named Javi, where they both run into trouble. Nicolas learns to have empathy for Javi despite his initial negative impression of him, and they become partners in crime.

This film takes place in the summer on an island so Nicolas sticks to this theme with a white striped shirt, sunglasses, and a white summer hat. He pairs this with a stylish brown suede bomber jacket.

count dracula from renfield

Count Dracula from Renfield

Count Dracula (played by Nicolas Cage) is the centuries-old vampire who keeps the titular R.M. Renfield in his employ in the horror comedy Renfield.  Renfield has been the Count’s familiar for centuries, helping the intimidating vampire secure food and achieve his full power.  All is well and good until Renfield decides he’s had enough.  Count Dracula’s attire in the film varies, but you can always bet he’s wearing something snazzy and a little over the top.  Two of his best looks include a red velvet suit with a golden brooch instead of a tie, as well as an all-black ensemble that includes a fur-trimmed coat and a cane.  No matter which look you choose, you’ll need white makeup and blue lipstick to achieve a truly undead look.  Accessorize with long nails, terrifying teeth, and plenty of oversized rings.

Cameron Poe from Con Air

Cameron Poe (played by Nicolas Cage) is the former Army Ranger imprisoned for murder at the heart of 1997’s Con Air. Poe is paroled at the beginning of the film and hitches a ride to be reunited with his wife and the daughter he’s never met on an airplane filled with violent offenders.  When the inmates take over the plane, Poe must outsmart them to help law enforcement, all while protecting the precious stuffed rabbit he’s brought as his first gift to his young daughter.  Poe’s hair is long by the time he is paroled, and once he sheds his prison shirt, he spends most of the film in jeans and a white tank top.  To sell the look at the end of the film, you’ll need some gauze for your arm as well as a little fake blood.  And don’t forget the bunny.

nicolas cage in willys wonderland

Nicolas Cage from Willy’s Wonderland

Nicolas Cage plays the silent protagonist of the trippy horror movie Willy’s Wonderland.  When he finds himself with a flat tire, he’s offered an easy gig; clean the amusement park Willy’s Wonderland overnight and his car repairs will be paid for.  However, the task proves to be far from simple when the blood-thirsty animatronic creatures begin coming to life.  Cage’s costume has two main phases; as the Drifter at the beginning of the film, he wears sunglasses and a leather jacket with red stripes down one sleeve over a grey henley.  He swaps the henley and the jacket for a Willy’s Wonderland brand t-shirt when he agrees to be the Janitor.  Finding exact matches for the jacket and t-shirt can be tough, though replicas can be found.  Otherwise, it’s okay to use pieces that are close, even if they aren’t perfect.  Don’t forget to top off your look with a black digital watch and oval belt buckle.

Castor Troy from Face/Off

Castor Troy from Face/Off

In the 1997 action film Face/Off, terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage) is the target of FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta), whose son was killed by Troy in an assassination attempt. Special Agent Archer goes so far as to undergo an experimental procedure to transplant Troy’s face onto him. Meanwhile, Troy finds a way to get Archer’s face transplanted onto him. So for this costume, you get to cosplay as both Castor Troy and Sean Archer as Castor Troy. Very confusing we know…

Spider-Man Noir from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man Noir from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man Noir (voiced by Nicolas Cage) is a dark, monochromatic version of Peter Parker from a 1930s universe. He teams up with multiple Spider-Men from alternate dimensions including Miles Morales, Peter B. Parker, and Spider-Gwen to save New York City from the Kingpin.

red miller from mandy

Red Miller from Mandy

Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) is the protagonist of the 2018 action horror film Mandy. He is a lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest who goes on a revenge-fueled killing spree against the Children of the New Dawn, a band of crazy LSD tripping cultists who murdered his girlfriend Mandy Bloom. Burn the tactical vest a bit to give it that rough charcoaled texture from the film.

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