Nicolas Roye

Junpei Yoshino from Jujutsu Kaisen

Junpei (voiced in Japanese by Yoshitaka Yamaya and in English by Nicolas Roye) is a secondary character in the anime/manga Jujutsu Kaisen.

He is only in the series for the early part of it, ending up becoming friends with Yuji, until he meets Mahito and becomes a curse user, much to his eventual downfall.

Junpei has blackish-brown hair worn partially over one eye, with the rest slicked back and his eyes are a dark grey color. He has a few outfits during the series, but for this one he wears a two-toned striped purple t-shirt, darker khaki capri joggers, and cream-white shoes with gold bottoms.

Chuuya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs

Chuuya Nakahara (voiced in Japanese by Kishō Taniyama and in English by Nicolas Roye) is one of the top executives in the Port Mafia in the anime/manga Bungo Stray Dogs.

Chuuya is Dazai‘s former partner in the Double Black team from when they were both part of the Port Mafia, and still works with him when their organizations work in tandem against a larger power. His main ability is gravity manipulation, but he also has larger god-like powers that can be overwhelming and only tamable by Dazai.

He has very pretty blue eyes and long orange fluffy hair, worn longer over one shoulder. He wears a white button up shirt, a black harness-type tie over top, a black choker collar, a grey vest, a black and brown bolero jacket, a black and brown longcoat that he wears off-shoulder, black pants, black shoes, and a pair of black gloves, all of it topped off with a black hat with a brown trim.

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