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Pierce Villiers from Clover no Kuni no Alice

Pierce (voiced by Hoshi Souitirou) is the Dormouse character originating from Clover no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Clover (Wonderful Wonder World) dating game series.

He is part of the Hatter Mafia, and does a lot of their bloody and dirty work, including hiding bodies. Despite this, he’s quite hyper, and very affectionate.

Pierce has gradiented red and yellow hair (the wig can be color corrected and cut to length, there were no premades for him), which his mouse ears stick out of, one of which he wears an off-center hat over. His outfit consists of a long, pale yellow undershirt with a sideways ruffled trim and red detailing, with a black belt and tie as accents. He wears a green coat with gold, red, and black details throughout it, a pair of black pants, with a belt holster on one leg, gold-soled boots with red and gold cuffs, topped with a green gem, and he has a tail that sticks out of the back of his clothes.

Elliot March from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Elliot (voiced by Tsuguo Mogami) is the March Hare character in the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

He is Blood’s right hand man in the Mafia in Wonderland, and has a lot of temper issues. He also doesn’t like being referred to as a rabbit, despite being the March Hare equivalent of the cast.

Elliot has blueish purple eyes, deep goldenrod orange wavy hair (wig may need to be cut and styled), and tan rabbit ears. His outfit is very layered, with a white undershirt, teal-green spiderwebbed shirt on top, a black jacket with purple accents, black pants, several tan belts crisscrossing everything, wheat stalks poking out of various points of his purple scarf, and golden tan knee-high lace up boots.

Blood Dupre from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Blood (voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi) is the Mad Hatter character in the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

He is the leader of the Mafia in Wonderland, and has an extensive knowledge of Wonderland as a whole. He’s also the younger brother of Vivaldi, that world’s Queen of Hearts character.

Blood has shaggy black hair and varied blue/green eyes depending on the artist. He wears a character-indicative black top hat with the 10/6 card stuck in it, decorated with red roses. His outfit consists of a white buttoned undershirt, a set of matching under-vest and outer jacket in white with gold detailing and cuffs, and formal white gloves. The jacket has a red inner lining and multicolored card suit buttons on one side. He wears black pants, and a weird set of tall white, gold-trimmed, boot looking things on his legs, that lead down into black shoes, with a red buckle strap, gold buckle, and yellow soles.

Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Boris (voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama) is the Cheshire Cat character in the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

He is one of the route options throughout the game series, and is an absolute menace to most of the other characters around him, particularly Alice and Pierce (the Dormouse). He’s very fond of riddles, and likes to work with machinery, crafting his own add-ons to weapons.

Boris has golden slitted cat eyes, and short and fluffy dark pink hair, with cat ears set to the sides. His outfit is color-matched to his hair, with a big pink striped boa, and pink zipper/border detailing on his black croptop and skirt/shorts combo, and a fluffy pink tail. He also has several gold jewelry accents, as well as black and pink gloves, matching striped socks, and white shoes with chunky black soles.

Alice Liddell from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Alice (voiced in the movie by Kugimiya Rie) is the main playable character/protagonist of the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

As it is an Alice in Wonderland-inspired series, she is very much the typical Alice design, but is a much more dynamic character, and is an actual developed character unlike a lot of faceless dating game protagonists.

Alice has muted golden blonde hair, worn almost in a hime-cut, and blue eyes to match the rest of the blue in her outfit. She has a blue and gold hairbow, a blue wristband, a gold detailed Alice-like dress with a white collar, that she wears a lacy white apron over, with blue and white knee-high stockings, and red maryjanes with overlapping ballet laces.

Unknown from Mystic Messenger

Unknown from Mystic Messenger

In Mystic Messenger, Unknown (real name Saeran Choi) is the twin brother of 707 and an acolyte of the cult Mint Eye. In terms of appearance, he has mint color eyes, and vermillion-colored hair with frosted pink highlights. He wears a black leather jacket that he tends to let hang off his right shoulder.

yoosung kim from mystic messenger

Yoosung Kim from Mystic Messenger

Yoosung Kim is a character in the otome game Mystic Messenger.  Yoosung doesn’t spend as much time studying for his college courses as he should because he plays the addictive computer game LOLOL.  Yoosung has dyed blonde hair that he pins back on one side with two hairpins.  Yoosung’s everyday outfit includes brown pants and shoes, a shirt with green, blue, and tan stripes, and a blue overshirt which he wears unbuttoned.  He accessorizes with several pins including a red star and yellow smiley face.

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