paul dano

Hank from Swiss Army Man

Hank is from the movie Swiss Army Man by The Daniels, and is played by Paul Dano. Hank is a man that has been stranded on a deserted island and runs into Manny, an animated corpse that helps him find the motivation to survive. Hank teaches Manny how to be a person again and through it, questions his old ways and learns about himself.

Hank wears warm tones in comparison to Manny, who wears cool ones. He wears lots of red like his red flannel and red jacket. He of course is also very dirty and his clothes are worn from being on this island. This can be replicated with any kind of brown acrylic or fabric paint to add to the clothes to make them look distressed.

Riddler from The Batman

In the latest film adaptation for the DC hero Batman, Riddler (played by Paul Dano) is a sinister terrorist intent on exposing the dark secrets of Gotham’s elite.  The Batman‘s 2022 version of Edward Nashton is a far cry from previous iterations, and the grittier tone of the film is reflected in the character’s far more understated costuming.  To recreate this Riddler, you’ll need an army green anorak and balaclava.  Use some white fabric paint to add his custom insignia to the jacket and layer a pair of clear framed glasses over the hood, in the style of the Zodiac Killer, reportedly a strong influence on the updated characterization.

Dwayne Hoover

Dwayne Hoover is an angsty teenager who hates all men except for Friedrich Nietzsche. He takes a vow of silence, communicating only by notepad, until he can fulfill his dream of joining the Air Force.

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