Rosita from Sing

Rosita (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) is part of the ensemble cast of Sing, an animated film that takes place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.  A weary mother of many children, Rosita decides to try out for a singing competition organized by koala Buster Moon.  She is chosen for the event, but Buster thinks her act needs a little more pizzazz, so he teams her up with enthusiastic performer Gunter.  Though hesitant at first, Rosita learns to enjoy the spotlight and shines during her performance of Taylor Swift‘s Shake It Off.  To recreate Rosita’s stage look, you’ll need to love all things black and glittery.  Start with a long-sleeved bodysuit and black pumps, then layer a fluffy skirt over top.  You’ll also need a balaclava and you can choose to add a pig nose and glittery cat ears to imitate her animal appearance in the film.  Use a pair of scissors to cut the balaclava and skirt to more closely match her costume from the movie.

Director Ton from Aggretsuko

Director Ton (voiced by Sota Arai and Josh Petersdorf) is Retsuko‘s boss on the animated show Aggretsuko.  As the director of the accounting department, Ton makes Retsuko’s life at work very difficult.  Ton is an anthropomorphic big and wears a short-sleeved button down, a green tie, and dark slacks.

hawk seven deadly sins character

Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins

Hawk is a supporting character in the anime Seven Deadly Sins. He is a talking pig who serves as a companion to Meliodas and Elizabeth. Hawk also works at Meliodas’ bar, the Boar Hat, as a custodian. Though prideful and easily annoyed, Hawk cares about his friends.

the pig from dead by daylight

The Pig from Dead by Daylight

The Pig is the moniker used by apprentices/successors of Jigsaw. There have been many over the years, though they do not vary much in appearance. The male ones typically don Jigsaw’s red and black robe, while the female ones wear long red leather coats, both of which help deal with the bloody affair that is kidnapping victims and setting up Jigsaw’s games. In the game Dead by Daylight, Amanda Young is a devoted pupil of Jigsaw who assumes the identity of the Pig following her own death. To recreate the Pig’s costume, you’ll need a pig mask with wig and a red leather coat layered over a pair of jeans. You can use a simple red trench coat, or if you want the full length of the costume in the game, you could layer a red moto jacket with a hood over a faux leather skirt that you cut in the middle.

porco rosso

Porco Rosso

In the English version of Porco Rosso, Michael Keaton voices the titular character.  A former WWI fighter ace, Marco is cursed and therefore forced to spend his days as an anthropomorphic pig who goes by the name Porco Rosso and makes his living as a bounty hunter who chases air pirates.  Porco Rosso’s clothing consists of pretty standard pilot clothing including sunglasses, goggles, and a scarf.

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