Ennui from Inside Out 2

Ennui (voiced by Adèle Exarchopoulos) encapulates the boredom of Riley Anderson as she transitions into her teenage years in Inside Out 2.  Ennui enjoys spending time on her phone and lounging on the couch.  She is not a fan of Joy‘s use of nicknames or Envy‘s enthusiasm.  To build your costume as Ennui, you’ll want to start with a comfy dark blue sweatsuit and grey socks.  You can paint your face with blue-grey paint.  Rather than paint your hands, you can choose a light grey pair of gloves.  Complete your look using a long, dark blue wig with bangs.

Embarrassment from Inside Out 2

Embarrassment (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) is a character in Inside Out 2.  Embarrassment joins Ennui, Envy, and Anxiety as the newest additions to Riley Anderson tumultuous cast of emotions.  His personality aligns well with his name, and he is shown to be awkward and shy.  Embarrassment has pale pink skin and brighter pink hair.  He wears a light purple hoodie pulled up over his head and covering his mouth, as well as purple pants and red shoes.

envy from inside out 2

Envy from Inside Out 2

Envy (voiced by Ayo Edebiri) is a new emotion in the Pixar animated film Inside Out 2.  As Riley Anderson gets older, new emotions appear inside her mind.  Among these is Envy, a small, teal emotion constantly enamored of others.  Envy has light teal skin and darker hair held back with purple clips.  She wears a light purple polka dot dress with a magenta collar over a pair of dark purple leggings and deep teal boots.  Once you assemble your costume, complete your look by wearing teal gloves and painting your face with teal body paint.

anxiety from inside out 2

Anxiety from Inside Out 2

Anxiety (voiced by Maya Hawke) is a character from the Pixar film Inside Out 2. As one of Riley Andersen‘s newest emotions, Anxiety joins the likes of Joy, Anger, and Disgust as Riley transitions into adolescence.  Anxiety’s personality suits the emotion she represents and she strives to control her environment (and Riley) in order to keep her anxious feelings at bay.  Anxiety’s color palette is orange and brown.  She has orange skin and hair, wears an orange and white striped turtleneck, brown slacks, and brown boots.  You can choose to paint your face orange if you want to truly embody the emotion’s look.

ember lumen from elemental

Ember Lumen from Elemental

Ember Lumen (voiced by Leah Lewis) is the protagonist of the Disney and Pixar film Elemental.  Ember is made of fire and struggles to maintain her temper.  She loves her parents and helps them run their shop even though it isn’t her dream.  After she meets Wade Ripple, Ember eventually learns to reel in her temper and go after what she really wants.  To recreate Ember’s fiery look, you’ll need to be a little creative.  Layering sheer red pieces beneath your dress and jacket will help you appear more flame-like.  Use a bodysuit, pants, and heels, as well as opera gloves. Ruched or fluttery pieces will evoke more of the rippling flame appearance Ember has in the movie.  You can tuck the pants into your heels to help them taper at the bottom.  Ember’s dress is sleeveless and high-collared with a diamond-like pattern.  You can choose a longer-sleeved version or layer a beaded dress over a plain black one.  Finish the look with a flame wig, a colorful bomber jacket, and a gold belt.

tony rydinger from incredibles 2

Tony Rydinger from Incredibles 2

Tony Rydinger (voiced by Michael Bird) is a supporting character in Incredibles 2 and a love interest of Violet Parr.  Tony is a student who also works at Happy Platter.  Though Tony’s appearance in the second film is a bit different than in the first, his outfit remains mostly the same.  To create your costume, you’ll need white tennis shoes, brown slacks, and a dark navy blue turtleneck.  If you don’t have hair to match Tony’s, a wig can help you achieve a similar look.

Wade from Elemental

Wade is the watery character from the new Disney and Pixar animated film Elemental and is voiced by Mamoudou Athie. He is cool and collected, calm, and a rule follower. You can say he goes with the flow. Through his journey in this film, he meets Ember who is the fiery opposite of him, and they begin to learn from each other.

Wade is a character made up of water. He’s made up of lots of teal, purple, and iridescent or clear colors, paired with yellow shirts like the button down and tie, or the yellow shirt with green details. To dress like this cool character, layer a blue shirt under a sheer iridescent shirt and layer a yellow shirt on top. Pair this with iridescent pants or light purple jeans with a sheer blue layer of pants on top to give the clear and color shifting watery effect.

ming lee from turning red

Ming Lee from Turning Red

Ming Lee (voiced by Sandra Oh) is the overbearing mother of Mei Lee in the Disney Pixar feature Turning Red.  Ming runs the family temple along with her husband and daughter, and tends to have very rigid ideas of who her daughter is and what will make her happy, which is challenged when Mei undergoes her red panda transformation. Unless you’re crafty enough to sew your own, you’re unlikely to find an exact match for Ming’s traditional dress, so opt for ones in shades of green or blue instead.  She also wears a green blazer and flats, green earrings, and a jade wedding band.  Her panda spirit is locked away in a red gemstone necklace at the beginning of the film, which is replaced with her daughter’s pink Tamagotchi by the end of the movie, so choose whichever you prefer to complete the look.

tyler nguyen-baker from turning red

Tyler Nguyen-Baker from Turning Red

Tyler Nguyen-Baker (voiced by Tristan Allerick Chen) is a supporting character in the animated Disney film Turning Red.  Tyler begins as a bit of a bully to Mei, Miriam, Abby, and Priya, but as a fellow fan of 4*Town, he eventually becomes a member of their friend group.  Tyler’s costume is very basketball-inspired, including a jersey layered over a white t-shirt, sweatband, and high-top sneakers.  His clothes revolve around a purple, pink, and grey color scheme, but finding clothing in all these colors at once may not be possible, so don’t be afraid to focus on one or two and build a look that is close in appearance, even if it’s not a perfect recreation.

priya mangal from turning red

Priya Mangal from Turning Red

Priya Mangal is a main character in the Pixar movie Turning Red.  Priya is the most mellow of her group of friends, which includes Mei Lee, Abby Park, and Miriam Mendelsohn.  Priya is a big fan of the macabre, first introduced reading a vampire romance novel.  Priya has round glasses and a nose piercing and is depicted in a yellow striped shirt and brown pants.

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