Power from Chainsaw Man

Power is a character in the best-selling manga, Chainsaw Man. Illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the series was serialized in the weekly¬†Shonen Jump magazine for two years until December 2020.¬†Chainsaw Man takes place in a world where devils are born from fears. Hired by Makima, she is a Public Safety Devil Hunter. She is The Blood Fiend, with red horns and fangs. Childish and greedy, Power loves violence to the point where she’ll hurt others for her own entertainment. She loves her cat, Meowy, but she also cares for Denji and Aki. To further break Denji’s spirit, Makima kills Power in front of him. Although she comes back as the Blood Devil from Denji’s blood, Makima fatally wounds her again. Before dying a second time, Power and Denji make a contract — if he finds the reborn Blood Devil, he’ll turn her back into Power so they can be friends again. Power wields a giant red scythe as her weapon. Use the red spray paint to paint the scythe prop.

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