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Tracey de Santa from Grand Theft Auto V

In Grand Theft Auto V, Tracey de Santa (voiced by Michal Sinnott) is the spoiled and rebellious daughter of Michael. She has a strained relationship with her family, due to her poor life choices and needing to be rescued by her father. Despite being in her 20s, she often throws tantrums when things don’t go her way.

Lucia from Grand Theft Auto 6

Lucia is the protagonist of the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI and the first female protagonist of the series. Lucia has a criminal past, as evidenced by scenes of her in orange prison jumpsuit in the first game trailer, and shots of her wearing an ankle monitor in promo art. Not much is known yet about Lucia, but criminal deeds most likely won’t just be a thing of her past.

Johnny Klebitz from Grand Theft Auto 4

Johnny Klebitz from Grand Theft Auto 4

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Johnny Klebitz (voiced by Scott Hill) is the acting president of The Lost MC, keeping the peace in Liberty City with rival gang The Angels of Death. However when the president Billy Grey returns from rehab, all hell breaks loose and a civil war erupts among The Lost.

Luis Fernando Lopez from Grand Theft Auto 4

Luis Fernando Lopez from Grand Theft Auto 4

In Grand Theft Auto IV, Luis Fernando Lopez (voiced by Mario D’Leon) is a former member of the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, his life takes a turn when he meets “Gay Tony” Prince, a nightclub owner in Liberty City. They develop a friendship and work together, first with Luis as his bodyguard and later as his business associate.

huang lee from gta chinatown wars

Huang Lee from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Huang Lee is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.  The spoiled son of a Triad leader, Huang finds himself embroiled in a mystery as he tries to recover a stolen family heirloom and unearth the person responsible for his father’s murder.  Huang has short-cropped hair and some scattered facial hair including a soul patch, which you can mimic with a little eyebrow pencil if you aren’t interested in growing your own.  He wears blue jeans, green sneakers, and a white t-shirt.  Though the red button-down he wears unbuttoned is sometimes mistaken for the lining of his jacket, it’s actually a separate piece.

claude from gta 3

Claude from Grand Theft Auto III

Claude is the silent protagonist of the Grand Theft Auto III game.  Also a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Claude is a mysterious criminal with vague origins.  By the end of the game, Claude is one of the most notorious men in Liberty City, with many gangs and other criminals hoping to take him out.  Claude has dark hair and a barely-there five-o’clock shadow.  If you don’t want to grow one of your own, a little eyebrow pencil dotted over your chin and cheeks can achieve a similar effect.  Claude’s main costume consists of green cargo pants, a bomber jacket with bronze zippers, black t-shirt, and a pair of blue sneakers.

Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4

Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4

Niko Bellic (voiced by Michael Hollick) is a complicated man. He’s not always on the right side of the law but he stands by his own moral code. From helping the defenseless to avoiding illegal drugs, Niko lives his life the only way that makes sense to him after surviving the Yugoslav Wars.

His style ties right into that. He wears running pants, a turtleneck, a zip up windbreaker, and a brown coat that are all easy to move in. Heavy boots and fingerless black gloves mean the look is year round. And in Niko’s line of work you don’t want to go anywhere without a pistol or a baseball bat. Just make sure you check the regulations for whatever convention you’re going to. Some might have restrictions on what type of weapons are allowed with cosplay.

Max Payne (2001)

Max is the main character of one of Rockstar Games’ iconic games, Max Payne. Max had always been one of my favorite characters, and i am happy to share this cosplay with you guys, enjoy.

Max Payne from Max Payne 1-3

Max Payne

Max Payne (voiced by James McCaffrey) is one of many hardboiled detectives in media today. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t stand out. His attitude, his way of doing things, and the gritty style of his games have made him a fan favorite for people the world over.

Cosplaying him is more about the attitude than the clothes. After all, it takes some real grit to pull off the ugliest paisley tie you can find, which seems to be his signature! Other than that tie, Payne is all about the basics. Functional black shoes and dark grey slacks pair with a white button up and dark brown leather jacket that’s more function than flash. And of course where would Payne be without his belt, holster, pistol, and badge?

Dutch van der Linde from Red Dead Redemption

Dutch van der Linde from Red Dead Redemption

There are plenty of outlaws in the Red Dead Redemption series. And of them all Dutch van der Linde is quite possibly the best at being the worst. Voiced by Benjamin Byron Davis, he is a much-appreciated fan favorite. And at least some of that has to do with his style.

Pinstripe pants and black boots set the base for van der Linde’s usual look. A striped band-neck shirt, black waistcoat, and scarlet pocket square build on that while a black cowboy hat and the expected gun belt finish off the look. Add in a Western revolver and your van der Linde cosplay is ready to go!

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