sakura andou

Meryl Stryfe from Trigun Stampede

Meryl Stryfe (voiced most recently by Sakura Andou and Sarah Roach) is a supporting character in the anime and manga series Trigun.  In the 2023 reboot Trigun Stampede, Meryl is a rookie reporter investigating Vash the Stampede alongside her seasoned partner Roberto De Niro.  In addition to an update to her vocation, Meryl’s wardrobe underwent an overhaul for the new series.  In Trigun Stampede, she wears a white blouse with blue frog button detailing, black tights, and blue shorts with a rolled hem.  Her accessories include gold earrings, a blue beret, black fingerless gloves, a black belt with gold buckle, a cream-colored jacket, and white high-top sneakers.  If you really want to get as close to her look from the show as possible, take a little light blue fabric paint to the buttons on a white blouse to make them pop.

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