Siren from Living Dead Dolls

Siren is from the fifth series of Living Dead Dolls, and is named for the mythological creature of the same name. She is one of the first mute storied dolls, the other being Frozen Charlotte, and she was the first doll in the line to have a stitched mouth.

She has long bright pale blonde hair worn back off of her forehead, black sclera eyes with bright yellow centers, purple eyeshadow rimming her eyes, and a stitched shut mouth. Her outfit is similar in style and color to the traditional Maleficent outfit, being elaborate black and purple, with a matching overcoat. Her nailpolish is in the same purple shade.

Bianca Barclay from Wednesday

Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) is a character in Netflix’s Wednesday. She is a Siren who attends Nevermore in the same class as Wednesday. At first, the two do not like each other, which sparks a small rivalry. Bianca thinks Wednesday thinks that she’s better than everyone else. It doesn’t help that Xavier, her ex-boyfriend, has a crush on her. But in the end, Bianca helps Wednesday defeat Crackstone for the safety of the school. Aside from her school uniform, her style is laidback in silver, teal, and blue tones. This guide also includes her Rave’N outfit, with a paillette dress and pearl earrings.

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