Tadashi Kikuchi

Tadashi Kikuchi from Sk8 the Infinity

Tadashi (voiced in Japanese by Kensho Ono and in English by Brandon Johnson) is one of the semi-main characters in the Sk8 the Infinity anime.

He is the one that taught Ainosuke how to skate, and is the one that (by proxy) is in charge of all the background monitoring and coordination of the crew for the “S” meets. Despite being reprimanded and eventually prohibited from outright seeing him because of their mismatch in social stature, Tadashi remained a constant support pillar in his life, even to the point of becoming his secretary and most loyal companion.

Tadashi has professional looking semi-fluffy black-blue hair and green eyes. For the most part when we see him, he has a white button up, a lavender tie, a fitted black suit and slacks, and brown loafers. He has another look for when he’s at the “S” meets, which will be covered at a later date.

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