teen comedy

Molly Davidson from Booksmart

Molly Davidson is from the movie Booksmart, and is played by Beanie Feldstein. Molly is one of the two protagonists of the film, the other being Amy Antsler, her best friend. This comedy takes place at the end of their senior year, where they attempt to experience things they haven’t in school like partying, but all in one night before graduation.

Molly wears fun layers in her outfits that really show us her personality. She is put together, very smart and accomplished but also outgoing and hilarious. She wears a smart turtleneck sweater but in bright yellow, a green plaid blazer and trendy skirt with tights. In her matching blue coverall jumpsuit with Molly, she personalized it with a handy leather fanny pack and patterned neck scarf.

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