the goonies

Andy Carmichael

In The Goonies, Andrea “Andy” Carmichael (Kerri Green) is a cheerleader who wears jock Troy Perkins’ letter jacket through most of the movie. However soon Andy finds herself a member of the misfit Goonies and falls for Mikey’s older brother Brand.


In The Goonies, the wise-cracking Clarke Devereaux (Corey Feldman) is nicknamed Mouth. He’s fluent enough in Spanish to be able to crack jokes in two different languages. In true 80s fashion, Mouth sports a Members Only jacket, parachute pants, and big hair he maintains with the brush kept in his back pocket.

Brand from the Goonies


In the Goonies, Brand (Josh Brolin), full name Brandon Walsh, joins his younger brother Mikey, Data, Chunk, and friends to hunt for treasure after discovering an old pirate map in their parents’ attic. Don’t forget to rip the sleeves off to complete the look.


In the Goonies, Sloth is one of the Fratelli brothers. Because of his deformities, he’s kept chained up by the rest of his criminal family. Fortunately, he’s freed and won over by Chunk with a Baby Ruth bar. Hey yoooou guysssss.


If you find yourself dodging thieves and boobies traps then Data’s outfit is perfect for you. From the Pinchers of Peril to the Bully Buster, Data’s attire was able to get him and his fellow Goonies out of trouble. However, if you’re not gadget savvy you may want to go with a more simplistic outfit and steer clear of places with booby traps.


If the idea of mixing patterns makes you cringe then you probably don’t want to take fashion tips from Chunk. His choice of clothing was as outrageous as the stories he told. Then again, maybe the truffle shuffle wouldn’t have been as funny if he wasn’t wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Who are we kidding? The truffle shuffle is always funny no matter what the person is wearing.

Mama Fratelli

Mama Fratelli may not have been the best mother – she kept one son chained up in the basement and encouraged the others to steal. Despite her less than ideal parenting, Mama Fratelli managed to rock the beatnik look well past its prime and she had a “Son” tattoo. So we know she loved at least one of her three boys.

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