vico ortiz

Jim from Our Flag Means Death

Jim Jinenez is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. Previously known as Bonifacia, they fled the Republic of Pirates as a wanted criminal. They have a bounty on their head for killing Spanish Jackie’s favorite husband, out of revenge for killing their family. With Oluwande‘s help, Jim joins the crew of the Revenge as a mute in a male disguise. When the ship is grounded, they go swimming in the ocean, where Lucius discovers the fake beard and mustache. Their identity is revealed, but they still prefer to go by Jim. Brave yet impulsive, they are a skilled hand to hand combat fighter, and their preferred weapon is a knife, particularly the heirloom with their family name carved into the handle. Vito Oritz portrays Jim, who like their pirate counterpart, is non-binary as well.

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