Who’s That Girl

Nikki Finn from Who’s That Girl?

Nikki Finn played by Madonna in ‘Who’s That Girl?’ is a free-spirited woman who has just gotten out of jail after wrongly being convicted of her boyfriend’s murder. The Philadelphia native is now on a quest to prove her innocence. She meets lawyer Loudon Trott who she convinces to help her. Nikki Finn more or less is Madonna playing her self. Late 80’s style is super fun and playful. As far as sizing goes you want tops to fit snug maybe size down on your purchase, while bottoms should be based on your comfort level. It should be high waisted so keep that in mind for the length you want. The jacket should be oversized so maybe go a size or two up. I included flat-head studs so you could stud your own jacket to match. You may need an awl to poke through the leather as you stud. Be sure to brush out the curls off your wig and don’t be afraid to let it look messy!

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