Yesterday wo Utatte

Rikuo from Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Rikuo Uozumi has a part time job working at a convenience store called Nico2 Mart. He did graduate University, but he lacks the drive to pursue a career. His passion is photography. One day, while feeding crows the food his job will throw out, he meets Haru. She says she knows him, but Rikuo doesn’t remember her at all. Rikuo and Haru start to know each other more in Sing “Yesterday” For Me (Yesterday wo Utatte).

Haru from Sing “Yesterday” for Me

Haru Nonaka is a high school drop out with a pet crow, named Kansuke. She works at a cafe, which also operates as a bar, called Milk Hall. She is a bit mysterious, and prefers to keep things that way. She does open up slightly to Rikuo, and develops a crush on him. Haru fights her affection in Sing “Yesterday” For Me (Yesterday wo Utatte).

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