Aries (March 21st to April 19th) is the cardinal fire sign of the zodiac. The sign is ruled by the planet Mars named after the Roman god of war. Aries are as confident as they are impulsive. Vibrant warm color schemes are a must for this costume. Don’t be afraid of going too bold! This look is perfect for an Aries on Halloween or at any costume party.


Aquarius (January 20th to February 18th) is the fixed air sign and 11th on the zodiac wheel. Aquarius, symbolized by the water bearer is the nonconformist of the zodiac. Regularly they are described as quirky, recluse creative types. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet that governs innovation and future thinking thought. Aquarian’s downfalls lay in being a bit too aloof with the expectations of not fitting in. When Aquarius learns to be a team player they can be capable of many great things. This costume has deep darker colored clothing and accessories with unique bright makeup. Any type of wing will do with the white eyeliner. You can do something simple or go with a more graphic look. This DIY costume is perfect for any Aquarius on Halloween


Capricorn (December 22nd to January 19th) is the Cardinal earth sign and 10th on the zodiac wheel. Capricorns, symbolized by the sea goat, are skilled navigators of both material and emotional realms. Capricorns are very serious goal oriented creatures with the strive to climb to the top and succeed at every task. If they put their mind to it they can achieve great things. The planet Saturn which rules over time, social order, and conformity has quite a hold on Capricorn which is why many believe Capricorn to be too career driven. When Capricorn learns to make a little time for play they tend to thrive. This costume features a pop of iridescent color from the pleated green midi skirt, while the rest of the outfit jumps between with black and white with silver accessories. Worn together it is a great unique choice for any Capricorn on Halloween.


Sagittarius (November 22nd to December 21st) is the Mutable fire sign and the 9th sign in the zodiac wheel. Sagittarius is the blunt thrill-seeking traveler of the zodiac. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, spirituality, and luck rules Sagittarius making this ever on the move archer full of wisdom and excellent at storytelling. Sagittarius’s down fall is when those stories become too boastful. The best lesson a sagittarius can learn is to grow a little more humble. The outfit consists of deeper earth tones and your very own set of bow and arrows. The makeup is a monochromatic orange color scheme to really give your look an extra pop. This DIY costume is perfect for any Sagittarius on Halloween.


Scorpio (October 23rd to November 21st) is the fixed water sign of the zodiac and 8th on the zodiac wheel. Scorpios are the most calculating of any water sign. Symbolized by the scorpion they are known have a mysterious and somewhat dangerous quality. They do not show their plans to others or talk much about themselves. Recluse Scorpios are ruled by the planet Pluto. Scorpios tend to have an outer shell that fronts as thorny to many but are quite sensitive and soft characters once they are willing to open up. This costume is mostly black monochromatic with silver and brown details. A fitting look for any Scorpio on Halloween night.


Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd) is the seventh sign on the zodiac wheel ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is represented by the scales and is the cardinal air sign of the Zodiac. Libras’ most notable trait is their fixation on balance. Typically they are the friends you reach to in times of struggle due to their great listening skills and solid advice. Strangely enough one of their major flaws is when pressed for an answer they have a difficult time with decision making. This libra costume is light and airy with golden accents throughout. The costume is ideal for any Libra on Halloween.

Robert Graysmith from Zodiac

Robert Graysmith from Zodiac

In the movie Zodiac, Robert Graysmith is played by veteran actor Jake Gyllenhaal, though Graysmith is very much a real person still alive today. His movie persona is shy and well-meaning though that doesn’t stop him from being pulled into the absolute chaos that was the investigation into the Zodiac killer. Graysmith’s costumes in the movie were typical clothing for the time: plaid button down dress shirts, slacks, and sensible work shoes. He also wore a blue puffy jacket in many scenes.

The key to his costume, however is in the details. You can get a copy of the code breaker book used to decipher some of the Zodiac’s letters. And, if you’re feeling brave, you can get some of the letters from the internet. They haven’t all been deciphered and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one to crack the letters’ codes while you’re in Graysmith’s frame of mind!


Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd) is the mutable earth sign of the zodiac and 6th on the zodiac wheel. Virgo is represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture. They are known to be the most involved with the material world out of any other sign. Virgo, being ruled by Mercury, is a practical thinker with a keen sense of organization. They use a systematic approach to complete any task. Meticulous Virgo’s only flaw may be pressuring others to following their very specific set of rules. This costume is a mostly white monochromatic color scheme with gold and sapphire blue details. Use the lipstick/bodygliter duo liberally as an eyeshadow, highlight, and lipstick. This fun creative DIY costume is perfect for any Virgo on Halloween night.


Leo (July 23rd to August 22) is the fixed fire sign of the zodiac. They love to be in the spotlight and are as passionate as they are theatrical. Leo is in the 5th placement on the zodiac wheel. Being ruled by the Sun makes Leos natural born leaders. Leo’s downfall lies is being a bit too self absorbed. Leos love to stand out which is why this fiery red outfit is a perfect match for Halloween. If you live in a colder climate add a faux fur coat to complete the look!


Cancer (June 21st to July 22nd) is the zodiac’s cardinal water sign and 4th on the zodiac wheel. Cancer is symbolized by the crab which expresses their versatility. As a crab can travel from land and sea, Cancer can be both emotional and sensitive as well as an active force of creativity. They simply get things done, all while taking care of others! Being ruled by the moon gives cancers a maternal characteristic. They love to protect those they care for. Their downfall is when they begin to care too much and start to become possessive of others. This costume uses deep reds and blues with a pop of color on the lips to symbolize Cancer’s adaptability. It is a great DIY choice for any Cancer on Halloween night.

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