The Prince from Bullet Train

The Prince from Bullet Train

The Prince, played by Joey King, is one of the unsuspectingly key players in the new 2022 action comedy movie, Bullet Train.

Her general appearance is meant to portray that of an innocent young girl in order to not seem involved with the rest of the gritty details going on in the rest of the train, so the majority of her outfit is done in soft pinks and reds.

She has brown shoulder length hair that's parted to the side, with a red x hairclip keeping the longer side out of her face, greyish blue eyes, thick eyeliner and mascara, pink lipstick, and matching pink nails.
Her outfit consists of a peach pink silk short sleeved button up shirt, a coral silk tie, a deep pink sweater vest, a red pleated skirt, white ankle socks, black sneakers, a baby pink winter coat over the whole ensemble, and she has a gold watch and gold rings on her wrist and hands.

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  1. The shoes are completely wrong, she wears heeled knee high leather boots and these pink heels the other half of the movie but nice try

    • Author

      Thank you for the feedback. I did this write-up over a month after seeing it in theaters and it wasn’t out on streaming yet, so finding the right shoe references while combing through trailers and promotional pictures was a bit tricky at the time.

  2. Jocelyn Baker December 22, 2022 Reply

    In the movie they do a close up of her brown high heel loafers. Do you know where I can buy those? Thanks

    • Author

      Do you happen to have a screenshot of the shoes? I can definitely look for the specific ones if I’ve got a clearer image. When I was initially working on the layout the movie was still in theaters so the pictures I was finding were ones where she hadn’t been wearing those specific shoes, so I got them wrong on the layout.

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