Lily Hoshina from B the Beginning

Lily (voiced in Japanese by Asami Seto and in English by Faye Mata) is one of the main characters in the Netflix original anime series, B the Beginning.

She is part of the Royal Investigative Services (R.I.S.) and works for them as a detective, alongside Keith. Her family specializes in creating stringed instruments, though she hasn’t followed in this path. Koku, the main character, works at the shop, so she treats him like part of her family. Her main focus during the series is working on solving the Killer B case, until she gets a little too close to danger.

Lily has blackish-brown hair that she often wears in a low ponytail, and similarly colored eyes, with just a bit of a lighter brown tinge to them. Her usual outfit consists of a simple white 3/4 sleeve shirt, with a brown-toned red R.I.S. jacket over top, and a pair of tight teal pants. She wears slouched dark-grey boots, a simple grey watch, and a belt/thigh holster combination for her gun.

Keith Kazama Flick from B the Beginning

Keith (voiced in Japanese by Hiroaki Hirata and in English by Ray Chase) is one of the main characters in the Netflix original anime series, B the Beginning.

He is a genius detective that came out of retirement to work with the R.I.S. in their efforts to catch the serial killer known as ‘Killer B’, which launches him into a much deeper investigation involving the case that made him quit in the first place.

Keith has dark teal eyes with a long thin scar underneath his right one, and he wears thin framed glasses. His hair is blackish-brown and worn in a short, shaggy cut, and his beard and mustache are much the same. The outfit he’s usually seen in is a loose-fitting off-white button up shirt, with a matching set of dark grey suit jacket and slacks, with a simple brown belt. It’s finished off with dark brown shoes, which he wears seemingly without socks.

Gilbert Ross from B the Beginning

Gilbert (voiced in Japanese by Toshiyuki Morikawa and in English by John DeMita) is one of the secondary main characters in the Netflix original anime series B the Beginning.

He works with the R.I.S. as their head forensics coroner, helping give them insight on the nastier parts of their cases. Out of the main cast, the one he’s closest to is Keith, as they have known each other for a very long time, and considers him a mental competitor in study.

Gilbert has white hair that he wears slicked back except for two long strands on either side of his face, and his eyes are a soft, bright blue. He wears a dark grey turtleneck that he has a mid-length white labcoat over, with a pen nested in the pocket. His pants are a pair of light grey slacks, which he wears a black belt on top of, and his shoes are a light grey slip-on formal shoe with a slight heel.

Koku from B the Beginning

Koku (voiced in Japanese by Yuki Kaji and in English by Kyle McCarley) is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix anime B the Beginning.

He is a very multifaceted character, starting off the series as a very quiet person, as we learn more about him and the lengths he’ll go to to reunite with Yuna, his quiet and personable demeanor falls away to reveal his murderous tendencies and god abilities.

His appearance does change a fair amount throughout the series, but this specific one I’ve focused on his how he looks later into season one, with messy blackish-blue hair, and two toned eyes, one greyish brown, the other a vibrant slitted blue, and impressive black wings sprouting from his back.

Koku’s outfit in this form is a bit simple, and also damaged, he has a low neck dark blue shirt, blue jeans, a pair of black boots, a brown belt, and a black jacket with front pockets.

Yuna from B the Beginning

Yuna (voiced in Japanese by Satomi Sato and in English by Brianna Knickerbocker) is one of the main leads in the Netflix anime B the Beginning.

She starts off as part of the Market Maker group, a circus-themed group of criminals that is keeping her brainwashed, and is used as the key to capturing the main character, Koku, as he cares very much about her. They share a very special bond, going into stories of legends.

Yuna honestly has one of the most confusing to find hair colors that I’ve ever seen in a wig, it’s almost a creamsicle color, orangey-peach as best I can tell, so I tried to find the closest thing to it. She has light blue eyes, and around them are markings typical to the other Market Maker characters, with emphasized eye makeup, and a tiny pink teardrop underneath.

Her regular outfit is very simplistic, it’s just a sleeveless short black dress, black opera gloves, black slouch boots, and a red choker.

Izanami from B the Beginning

Izanami (voiced in Japanese by Mitsuki Saiga and in English by Marianna Miller) is one of the side antagonists turned main cast member of the Netflix anime B the Beginning.

They have a very strong attachment to Koku due to their past history together, as well as the legend of the black winged king that they all have connections to. Izanami, along with Yuna for a brief while, was part of the Market Maker group, and is a very strong fighter, albeit using unusual techniques (a skateboard).

Izanami has very pale hair with a pinkish tinge to it, vibrant blue eyes, and some of the most elaborate makeup out of all the MM members, including drawn on brows, a spiked crescent moon under their eye, and another mouth drawn to the side of their actual one.

There are two main outfits that Izanami wears in the series, but I chose the season one version. Even as a child, Izanami wore a mix of both the boys and girls outfits at Jaula Blanca, and this carried on into adulthood, with the current outfit they wear being a long white button up dress with rainbow buttons, a black suit jacket over top, a black tie around their neck, black gloves, dark cuffed jeans, one pink and white striped sock, one purple and pink striped sock, and a pair of white and black thick soled shoes.

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