Lord Debling from Bridgerton (Season 3)

Lord Debling is a character from the new third season of Bridgerton, and is played by Sam Phillips. Lord Debling is a character we meet while following the true star of this new season, Penelope Featherington. Penelope meets him in the season right in the middle of her falling head-over-heels for Colin Bridgerton, and so far she has gotten to the point of almost marrying Debling. He’s a kind and mature gentlemen who has strong interests in history and reading.

To dress like Lord Debling, wear a black tailcoat, black regency trousers, a white ruffle collar shirt, cream and gold embroidered vest, and tall black boots. Another look of his during the day and outdoors features a gray wool coat and deep brown or black top hat.

Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is from the popular regency drama series Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey. He is in both seasons of the show, and is one of the two main characters in the second season, playing the love interest of Kate Sharma.

Anthony is the eldest son and Viscount of the Bridgerton family. He wears Regency-Era costumes that feature double-breasted vests, tailcoats, white shirts, caravats, and the occasional top hat. The colors he wears are lots of blues and purples, that complement Kate’s perfectly on screen.

Daphne Bridgerton from Bridgerton

Daphne Bridgerton from Bridgerton

Prim and proper, Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) has spent her life preparing for her debut. With a sterling reputation and a loving family, she seems destined to be the toast of the season. Until that loving family steps in, that is. Thankfully the Duke of Hastings steps in to save the day.

Daphne’s gowns are all handcrafted for her taste and style. You can get close, however, with a simple white empire-waist gown and a matching hair ribbon. Rhinestone studded slippers, white gloves, and a ‘diamond’ bracelet make for lovely accessories while YouTube tutorials can help you style a strawberry blonde wig into a look suitable for the ton.

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