Cameron Poe from Con Air

Cameron Poe (played by Nicolas Cage) is the former Army Ranger imprisoned for murder at the heart of 1997’s Con Air. Poe is paroled at the beginning of the film and hitches a ride to be reunited with his wife and the daughter he’s never met on an airplane filled with violent offenders.  When the inmates take over the plane, Poe must outsmart them to help law enforcement, all while protecting the precious stuffed rabbit he’s brought as his first gift to his young daughter.  Poe’s hair is long by the time he is paroled, and once he sheds his prison shirt, he spends most of the film in jeans and a white tank top.  To sell the look at the end of the film, you’ll need some gauze for your arm as well as a little fake blood.  And don’t forget the bunny.

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