Omar from Craig of the Creek

Omar (voiced by Zeno Robinson) is a character on the Cartoon Network animated series Craig of the Creek.  Once known as the Green Poncho, Omar protected the Overpass.  Eventually, he joined the Stump Kids.  Omar is friends with Craig Williams.  Omar’s Green Poncho costume consists of a large bow, sandals, and a green hooded jacket.

John Paul “J.P.” Mercer from Craig of the Creek

John Paul Mercer (voiced by Michael Croner) – known as J.P. to his friends – is the oldest kid on the show Craig of the Creek. But being the oldest doesn’t make him the leader. In fact J.P. seems happiest going with the flow that his friends set. He’s loyal and kind-hearted, always quick to help those in need and capable of easily make friends.

Cosplaying as J.P. requires a little bit of DIY. His signature orange hair can be recreated with a wig but his hockey jersey is a different story. To replicate it you will need to buy a plain orange hockey jersey and then use white fabric to add the band around the abdomen and the smaller bands around the arms.

J.P.’s tan jeans will also require a little bit of DIY since his rough and tumblr brand of fun has worn a hole in the right knee and left them a bit dirty. Once that hole is in place, though, your outfit just needs a pair of black sneakers to be complete!

Kelsey Pokoy from Craig of the Creek

Kelsey Pokoly from Craig of the Creek

Kelsey Pokoly (voiced first by Georgina Cordova and then later by Noel Wells) is the smallest and possibly youngest member of the main gang on Craig of the Creek. She is a very dramatic child with a love of books and a wild imagination that fuels her adventures.

Kelsey’s cosplay requires just a little bit of DIY but is fairly straight-forward. Pink shorts, blue rain boots, a dark blue cape, and a pet budgie are the easy-to-gather parts of the costume. A red wig will replicate her hair but it will have to be styled in a bun that sits at the back of the head.

Her shirt is where the DIY really comes in though. The chest of Kelsey’s shirt is taken up by a large, pale heart. This can be recreated on a light blue or light teal shirt with a bleach pen. Once that’s done, the costume is ready to go!

Craig Williams from Craig of the Creek

Craig Williams from Craig of the Creek

Craig Williams (voiced by Phillip Solomon) is as close to a leader as the kids in Craig of the Creek get. He is the brains behind the operation and for good reason. His imagination and intellect lead him on amazing adventures that his friends are happy to go along on. He can be a bit hardheaded about things. But his kind heart always smooth things over when he gets too set in his ways.

Cosplaying as Craig is fairly straight-forward. His creek outfit is his main outfit. It is a long-sleeved yellow shirt under a white zip-up vest with a hood. Jeans and white sneakers finish off the look. Sometimes he carries a teal duffel bag called “The Bag of Holding”, which is a nod to his highly fanciful and imaginative nature.

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