Count Dracula from Renfield

Count Dracula (played by Nicolas Cage) is the centuries-old vampire who keeps the titular R.M. Renfield in his employ in the horror comedy Renfield.  Renfield has been the Count’s familiar for centuries, helping the intimidating vampire secure food and achieve his full power.  All is well and good until Renfield decides he’s had enough.  Count Dracula’s attire in the film varies, but you can always bet he’s wearing something snazzy and a little over the top.  Two of his best looks include a red velvet suit with a golden brooch instead of a tie, as well as an all-black ensemble that includes a fur-trimmed coat and a cane.  No matter which look you choose, you’ll need white makeup and blue lipstick to achieve a truly undead look.  Accessorize with long nails, terrifying teeth, and plenty of oversized rings.

R.M. Renfield from Renfield

R.M. Renfield (played by Nicholas Hoult) is the displeased associate of Count Dracula in the horror comedy Renfield.  Doomed to a life of servitude to the undead Count, Renfield has had enough and seeks to leave the vampire’s service.  Renfield wears a number of outfits throughout the film, including a dark green suit and a snazzy mauve sweater that eventually ends up spattered in blood.  Unfortunately, the vintage Ralph Lauren colorblock sweater he wears to his support group will set you back a couple of hundred dollars secondhand, so don’t be afraid to find a similar multicolored piece in muted tones.

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