Ms. Tarantula from The Bad Guys

Ms. Tarantula (voiced by Awkwafina) is a hacker who teams up with Mr. Wolf and the rest of his crew in The Bad Guys.  Ms. Tarantula is a spider with orange and darker, purple-ish colors along her body.  To make your own Ms. Tarantula costume, start with an orange bodysuit and wig.  You can add purple temporary hair color to the tips of the wig to get closer to her coloring from the movie.  Lastly, you’ll need a pullover hoodie and a pair of headphones.  Finding an exact match for her sweatshirt is tough, so you can either go with a hoodie that has similar colors, or make your own by purchasing a plain black pullover and adding the arm stripes and square 8-bit details to the front yourself with fabric paint.  For your legs, don a spider backpack in similar colors to match the rest of your costume.

Diane Foxington’s Goodness Gala Dress from The Bad Guys

Diane Foxington (voiced by Zazie Beetz) is the Governor of California in the animated feature film The Bad Guys.  While Governor Foxington typically dons a suit while at work, there are a few occasions in the film when she gets to dress up, including when she attends the Goodness Gala where she dances with Mr. Wolf.  At the Gala, Governor Foxington wears a blue pantsuit/skirt combination, silver heels, and glittering jewelry.  When recreating the look, you can decide whether you’d like to also wear an orange bodysuit underneath to emulate her orange fox fur.  Likewise, you may decide just a headband with ears is enough to get your vulpine intentions across.  Otherwise, a mask for your face can be used instead.

tiffany fluffit from the bad guys

Tiffany Fluffit from The Bad Guys

Tiffany Fluffit (voiced by Lilly Singh) is a minor character in the animated movie The Bad Guys.  Tiffany often covers the exploits of Mr. Wolf and his crew, as well as the other important happenings of the film.  Tiffany wears a purple pants suit and flats to match.  Her accessories run the gamut from gold hoops to hair beads and a blue bracelet.

chief luggins from the bad guys

Misty Luggins from The Bad Guys

Chief Misty Luggins (voiced by Alex Borstein) is a police officer intent on catching Mr. Wolf and his gang in the movie The Bad Guys.  Chief Luggins has a very narrow definition of right and wrong, which becomes apparent when she remains committed to catching the Bad Guys crew even after they’ve proven themselves to be redeemable.  Chief Luggins has ginger red hair and wears a short-sleeved police uniform with dark blue shorts.  She also wears black boots and has six stars on the lapel of her uniform shirt.

mr snake from the bad guys

Mr. Snake from The Bad Guys

Mr. Snake (voiced by Marc Maron) is a supporting character in the DreamWorks animated feature The Bad Guys.  Mr. Snake is Mr. Wolf‘s best friend and a member of his gang.  Mr. Snake is a safe cracker by trade, making him an integral part of many of Mr. Wolf’s schemes.  To recreate Mr. Snake’s look, you’ll need to be a little flexible in your interpretation, as it’s obviously pretty difficult to actually look like a reptile without limbs.  But by layering a hibiscus-printed shirt and a bucket hat over a yellow bodysuit, you can get close.  The felt mask adds a nice touch, too.  While the one pictured here is green and part of a larger set, you can also opt to go the DIY route and follow a tutorial for creating your own.  Just make sure to adjust your materials to better suit Mr. Snake’s color scheme if that’s important to you.

diane foxington from the bad guys

Diane Foxington from The Bad Guys

Diane Foxington (voiced by Zazie Beetz) is a supporting character in the animated feature film The Bad Guys.  Governor Foxington is a reformed thief, formerly known as the Crimson Paw, who pursued a life in politics to help make up for her past transgressions.  Though initially skeptical of the redemption of Mr. Wolf and his associates including Mr. Snake, she eventually becomes one of their staunchest supporters, as well as Mr. Wolf’s love interest.  Diane sports several outfits throughout the course of the film, but two of her best include the grey suit she wears as governor and the black bodysuit with a hood she dons as the Crimson Paw. The latter will work as a fully black ensemble, though you can add some of the yellow striping details with tape or paint if you prefer.  Whichever look you choose to recreate, you can layer a fox mask, tail, and/or gloves under your outfit to get as close to the original as possible.

mr wolf from the bad guys

Mr. Wolf from The Bad Guys

Mr. Wolf (voiced by Sam Rockwell) is the main character of the DreamWorks animated film The Bad Guys.  Mr. Wolf is the leader of the Bad Guys gang, which includes Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark, Ms. Tarantula, and Mr. Pirhana.  Throughout the course of the film, Mr. Wolf tries to reform himself and his crew so they no longer fall into the villain stereotypes their species fall into.  He also allies himself with Diane Foxington, the Governor of California and a reformed thief herself, all while trying to evade the ruthless Chief Luggins.  Mr. Wolf wears a white suit and shirt with a tan belt and shoes.  To achieve the full effect, you’ll also want a wolf mask, tail, and furry gloves.

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