Chef Hatchet

Chef Hatchet is a supporting character in the Total Drama series. He is the chef of the show, but he isn’t really known for his fine cuisine. Just like the show’s host, Chris McLean, he finds joy in tormenting the campers. Chef Hatchet will sometimes wear ridiculous costumes in accordance with the challenge or theme of the episode.

Chris McLean

Chris McLean is a main character in the Cartoon Network series, Total Drama Island. He is the host of the show, where he puts campers to the test for a cash prize. An overwhelming narcissist, Chris only cares about himself, and harbors little concern for the safety of the contestants. He derives pleasure from the torment of the challenges, and he grows more sadistic with each season. And yet outfit remains the same, with a laidback, island feel. Use the brown eyeshadow to create his five-o’clock shadow.

beth from total drama island

Beth from Total Drama Island

In the Cartoon Network show Total Drama Island, Beth (voiced by Sarah Gadon) is a member of the Screaming Gophers along with other contestants including Trent, Gwen, Justin, among others.  Beth was raised on a farm with mostly animals for company and as a result, she doesn’t have the best social skills.  She wears pink pants, a green shirt tied in a knot at one hip, and a vest with pins to decorate it.

eva from total drama island

Eva from Total Drama Island

Eva (voiced by Julia Chantrey) is a competitive character on the animated series Total Drama Island.  With her physical strength and aggressive attitude, she’s a fierce competitor on the Killer Bass team.  Though Eva originally has trouble reining in her temper, she eventually enrolls in anger management classes and becomes closer with Gwen.  Eva’s workout clothing leans into a blue color palette, and she wears her hair in a ponytail.  Don’t forget a little eyeliner to fill in your eyebrows and draw on Eva’s signature beauty mark.

Justin from Total Drama Island

Justin is a character in the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island. He was a member of the Screaming Gophers, but he speaks very little, so not much is known about his personality. However, as a member of the Killer Grips on Total Drama Action, the show sees a new side of him. Using his supermodel looks, Justin can manipulate others. This makes him an antagonist of the season. What people may not know is that he’s insecure about his appearance, knowing it’s the only thing that gets him by. Unlike Alejandro or Heather, he isn’t necessarily always mean-spirited, and he tends to be friendlier towards the other contestants.

Leshawna from Total Drama Island

Leshawna is a character on the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island. She was a member of the Screaming Gophers. In Total Drama Action, she was a member of the Screaming Gaffers. In Total Drama World Tour, she was a member of Team Victory. Leshawna will tell it like it is and won’t hold back on someone who wronged her. For instance, she finds her first enemy in Heather, the resident mean girl. Off camera, she volunteers to better the lives of less fortunate teenagers, and her goal is to open her own community center.

Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour

Alejandro is a character in Cartoon Network’s spin-off of Total Drama Island called Total Drama World Tour. He is one of the newcomers and one of the finalists. He is a member of Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot. Despite his charm and good looks, Alejandro is secretly dark and twisted. He knows how to manipulate and hypnotize other campers. He has no problem playing dirty, and that what makes him get to the finale. Heather ends up using her own wicked tactics to beat him, and he ends up getting trampled and thrown into lava. His body must be put in the Drama Machine robot to survive, and once his injuries healed, he became a camper for the all-star season as a member of the Villainous Vultures.

Jasmine from Total Drama Island

Jasmine is a character in Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island spin-off titled Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She’s a member of the Pimapotew Kinosewak, which translates to “floating salmon” in Cree. Jasmine was raised in the Australian Outback, which resulted in expert survival skills. She is a natural leader: quick to take charge and commandeering. Under her tough exterior, she has a big heart, and is kind to anyone who shows her respect. Jasmine makes it to the final four, although Shawn, her boyfriend, wins the season. Together they equally split the prize money.

bridgette from total drama island

Bridgette from Total Drama Island

Bridgette (voiced by Kristine Fairlie) is a contestant on Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island and subsequent spinoffs.  Bridgette is part of team Killer Bass with fellow contestants DJ, Courtney, Duncan, Geoff, and others.  Bridgette loves animals and the water, but is known for being rather clumsy on land.  To recreate Bridgette’s look, you’ll need brown sandals, a mint-colored hoodie, bermuda shorts, and a low blonde ponytail.

Ezekiel from Total Drama Island

Ezekiel is a character in the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island. He was a member of the Killer Bass. However his time on the island was cut short, as he was the first contestant to be eliminated. This is mainly due to his money-hungry and sexist mindset. He comes back to redeem himself in Total Drama World Tour, yet he’s voted off first again. Humiliated and angry, Ezekiel becomes a stowaway in the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. When he returns, his appearance resembles that of Gollum.

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