Shawn from Total Drama Island

Shawn is a character from Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island spinoff titled Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He was a member of the Wâneyihtam Maskwak, which is Cree for “confused bear.” He made it to the top two as a finalist. Shawn has spent his entire life training for the zombie apocalypse. His fear of said apocalypse prompts his survivalist mindset, but it also makes him nervous around people.

DJ from Total Drama Island

DJ is a contestant in the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island. He was a team member for the Killer Bass, Screaming Gaffers, and Team Victory. Known as “the Brickhouse with Heart,” he’s a sensitive soul. In spite of his strength, he’s quite easily frightened. His culinary creations have always been a hit, and his kindness makes him popular amongst the campers. He also adores his mother and baby animals.

Owen from Total Drama Island

Owen is a contestant in the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island. He’s been a team member for the Screaming Gophers, Killer Grips, and Team Chris is Really Really Hot. He wins his original season, though the remainder of times are only cameos. Huggable and upbeat, Owen is an optimistic competitor who is generally well-liked among the other campers. He’s in a relationship with Izzy.

Harold from Total Drama Island

Harold is a character in the first iteration of Cartoon Network’s Total Drama Island. He was a contestant for the Killer Bass, Screaming Gaffers, and Team Action. Although his physical skills are lacking, Harold makes up for it with resourcefulness. He’s known for sabotaging the vote to eliminate Courtney to get back at Duncan for bullying him.

geoff from total drama island

Geoff from Total Drama Island

Geoff (voiced by Dan Petronijevic) is a camper on team Killer Bass in the Cartoon Network show Total Drama Island.  Along with fellow teammates Courtney, Duncan, Izzy, Sadie, Tyler, and the other members of Killer Bass, Geoff attempts to outsmart and outplay the other inhabitants of Total Drama Island in search of a $100,000 prize.  Geoff wears a cowboy hat and blue shorts along with a bright pink button down shirt, left open.  If you aren’t feeling confident enough to walk around with your torso showing, you could always snag a six-pack t-shirt to layer underneath.

trent from total drama island

Trent from Total Drama Island

Trent (voiced by Scott McCord) is a member of team Screaming Gophers in the Cartoon Network show Total Drama Island.  Some of Trent’s teammates include Gwen, Cody, Heather, Lindsay, and Owen.  Trent is a relatively laidback contestant and a straight-A student who becomes close with Gwen early on in the competition.  Trent’s costume includes black jeans, green sneakers, and a camouflage long sleeved shirt.  To make the green t-shirt he layers on top, don’t be afraid to get a little messy and tap into your childhood artistry by painting your hand with black fabric paint and pressing the design onto your shirt.  Just be sure to allow plenty of time for it dry before you have to wear it!

Courtney from Total Drama Island

Courtney from Total Drama Island

Courtney isn’t what you probably think of when you imagine someone on a reality TV show. Voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow for most of the show (Rochelle Wilson voiced Courtney in two episodes), it quickly becomes clear that Courtney is in it to win it and that she has big plans for the prize money. Unfortunately that leaves her little room for patience with other contestants. Especially Duncan. Or so she claims.

Courtney’s style is thankfully not as high maintenance as she is and it makes for a great closet cosplay. A grey sweater matches grey gladiator sandals which coordinate with green capris and a white button down shirt worn under the grey sweater and cuffed at the elbows. A brown bobbed wig – or your own brown bob – finish off the look.

Tyler from Total Drama Island

Tyler from Total Drama Island

Tyler (voiced by Peter Oldring) started out a member of the killer bass. Somehow both sporty and accident-prone, he’s quick to take on the physical challenges but isn’t quite up to the games Heather has running in the background of the competition.

Cosplaying as Tyler is both easy and comfortable. You can either use your own hair or grab a brown wig to copy his look before adding a red and white sweatband over whatever you choose. After that all you need is a red tracksuit and a pair of white sneakers and you’re all set!

Cody from Total Drama Island

Cody from Total Drama Island

Cody (voiced by Peter Oldring) likes to think of himself as a ladies man. The ladies on the island, however, beg to differ. Still Cody has his own kind of charm. Tech-savvy and eager to help his teammates, he is a great asset to the Screaming Gophers until he has to leave the island, not to return to the competition until Total Drama World Tour.

Cosplaying as Cody is a great opportunity to use stuff you might already have in your closet. And if you don’t have the items, you can easily transition your new purchases into other cosplays or your daily wardrobe. A short sleeve yellow polo, grey long sleeve shirt, cargo jeans, and a pair of brown sneakers make up Cody’s outfit. You can add the stripes on his shirt with fabric paint. And if you want to get his messy hairstyle, you can either opt for a wig or style your own in a similar fashion.

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