The Boulet Brothers

The Boulet Brothers are a drag artist duo, consisting of Dracmorda Boulet and Swanthula Boulet. They are well known in the alternative drag and nightlife scene. They produce and host The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, a reality competition show that features dark, horror-themed drag looks. Their looks are always matching, often in black and red with latex and velvet fabric choices.

Unknown from Mystic Messenger

In Mystic Messenger, Unknown (real name Saeran Choi) is the twin brother of 707 and an acolyte of the cult Mint Eye. In terms of appearance, he has mint color eyes, and vermillion-colored hair with frosted pink highlights. He wears a black leather jacket that he tends to let hang off his right shoulder.

Cosplayer's Guide to Colored Contacts

A Cosplayer’s Guide to Colored Contacts

A dedicated cosplay means a fabric choice or dye job can make all the difference. Even super specific things, such […]

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