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Marcus from Deadly Class

Marcus Lopez Arguello, played by Benjamin Wadsworth, is living on the streets until he is recruited into the elite academy called King’s Dominion. Master Lin didn’t convince him to enroll at first, but Marcus eventually gives the academy a chance. Now, his classmates are the children of the world’s top criminals, assassins, and spies. Marcus has a dark past filled with grief, and learned to survive on his own. In the academy, he discovers people are not much different from his previous experiences. Marcus learns to help himself, and stand up for others like him, in Deadly Class.

Renée from Alias

Renée Rienne, played by Élodie Bouchez, is number eight on the CIA’s most wanted list. She works alongside APO while seeking revenge on Prophet Five for what they did to her father. Through APO, Renée meets Michael Vaughn. Michael and Renée are connected by their fathers working together on the past, and now it’s their turn in Alias.

Saanvi from Manifest

Saanvi Bahl, played by Parveen Kaur, is a brilliant medical researcher, and one of the passengers on Flight 828. She lost her research during the flight, reappears five years after the incident to find her research was a huge success. Saanvi tries to understand her odd reappearance, along with the other passengers in Manifest.

Yeah Yeah from The Sandlot

Alan “Yeah Yeah” McClennan, played by Marty York, is the king of confirmation known for saying “Yeah Yeah” when he agrees with someone. Sometimes it backfires on him. When he hyped up the crew while making fun of Smalls, Benny pointed out Yeah Yeah runs like a duck and he’s still  “part of the game, right?”. Being embarrassed, he only answered back, “Yeah”. Yeah Yeah  likes to joke around, but he is a loyal friend in the Sandlot.

Master Lin from Deadly Class

Master Lin, played by Benedict Wong, is the head master of the elite academy called King’s Dominion. He rules the school with high standards and a strict protocol. After a chase involving his students, he confronts Marcus about joining his academy for the deadly arts. Master Lin maintains the reputation of King’s Dominion in Deadly Class.

Mia from Emergence

Mia Evans, played by Ashley Aufderheide, is a kind girl with a strong love for her family. Her mother finds a young girl at the plane crash site that happens in town, and brings her to their home.  Mia saw this as a chance at having a sister, so she was excited to see the young girl. Mia is the one to name the young girl “Piper”. The two girls become close quickly, but Mia doesn’t know there is more to Piper than she can see in Emergence.

Lucy Preston from Timeless

Lucy Preston, played by Abigail Spencer, is a historian and professor at Stanford University. She teaches history and anthropology of American political movements. Working for Rittenhouse, Lucy goes through numerous time leaps on missions to alter history. These changes ripple into her own life, which can have positive and negative effects. Lucy and her teammates need to be careful about what history they do and do not change in Timeless.

Cherry from Words Bubbling Up Like Cider

Cherry is bad at communicating with others. He usually keeps his headphones on, and channels his energy into writing haikus. He meets Smile by literally bumping into her at a mall causing the incident that starts their friendship. Cherry connects with Smile the way he can’t with others in Words Bubbling Up Like Cider (Cider no You ni Kotoba ga Wakiagaru).

Protagonist from The Tatami Galaxy

Protagonist is not given any other name. He is trying to make the best out of college life in Kyoto. Two years already passed, and he is wondering what happened to the “rose colored” campus life he imagined. Mystically, Protagonist gets thrown back in time to the beginning of his college years in a chance to do things over. Protagonist tries to make his college life what he always wanted in The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei).

Michiru from BNA: Brand New Animal

Michiru Kagemori is a lively high school student. She is a kind girl that show empathy towards beastmen and humans. Her attitude is very passionate, and slightly stubborn. She sticks to her gut feelings. Once human Michuri is now a beastman, and learning to adjust in BNA: Brand New Animal.

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